Reflections on Turning 75

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A great day to be alive, celebrating with Cherry Cheesecake (Cherry Delight)

I turned 75 today and the world continues to change

Some things remain constant it seems

Like war and oppression, racism and hatred

While compassion, love, forgiveness and grace

are still alive and well among us.

I am a Baby Boomer from the late 40s

When I started school things were simple

Pencils and tablets, (paper not digital)

with a Dick and Jane reader and an outhouse out back

Cursive writing was done in pen and ink

Pens with a split point and inkwells to dip in

By the time I reached High School

the space race was on and so was Viet Nam

Trying to keep ahead of the Soviets

we forged ahead

Sputnik and a man in orbit

Ours was John Glenn in a Mercury Capsule

followed by Saturn V rockets and trips to the moon

Transistor radios and handheld calculators

By college it was Folk Music and Civil Rights

Simon and Garfunkle and Joan Baez

My first teaching classroom had slate chalkboards

and pipes in the stairwells wrapped with asbestos

Cassette tapes were on the way out and digital discs were in

Leaded gas was a no and Unleaded took its place

as front-wheel-drive cars became the rage

Heart transplants and bypass surgery saved many

as laser surgery become commonplace

Our first computer was a used Apple iii

with plastic floppy discs and a dot matrix printer

By the 90s it was a hard disc and a 386 computer

Soon we had laptops, cellphones, and flash drives

And satellites circle the earth

Digital Cameras made everyone a photographer

What a movie this life has been for the past

three quarters of a century and it’s not done yet!


Photo: Micah Roth


75 thoughts on “Reflections on Turning 75

  1. Dear Roth,
    It’s like flying in a very fast space ship through the amazing Universe touched by the light of great stars. A kaleidoscope of rapidly changing life around you. And with all of that, still you find precious moments to focus on your feelings and thoughts. And then new stars – your poems – are born! πŸ™‚
    I wish for you many more years of this life’s journey, and that every moment of it may be filled with the inspiration of love, beauty and happiness! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

    I hope you had a wonderful day, dear Roth! And I find myself returning to read your poem here, reading it again – and trying to imagine … such a life, so overwhelmingly many changes! To have experienced the world unfold and flower like that; will any coming generation be able to do the same? I wonder…

    Happy Birthday, my friend! ✨

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    • Thank you so much, Elena, for your kind words of affirmation. It has been challenging at times both personally and socially. I have lots of good memories to draw on and the negative ones are better left unsaid! I really appreciate your comments!

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  2. The years have been good to you Dwight and graced you what matters most… a beautiful family, friends, words from the heart and gifts that will always be ever present in all of our lives.
    Happy Birthday my friend!

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  3. A very Happy belated Birthday! Wishing you lots of happiness and health for all the many years coming ahead. Loved reading about the slides of your life and how the world progressed in all these years. Yet some things still remain same. Hope you had a beautiful day of celebration.

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