Memory Lane

IMG_E5225 (3)

Down memory lane there are stories to tell

Of cows to milk and hay to bale

Chickens to feed and eggs to gather

Hills to climb and in hot summer weather

Staying with Grandma till school would start

Learning to quilt was really an art

The old porch swing with its long squeaky chains

Playing hide and seek and kick the can

Catching lightening bugs blinking in flight

With cousins and friends on warm summer nights

Of walking to church on Easter Sunday mornings

Where Grandpa would preach and give us warnings

Singing songs from the hymnal the words never grow old

Sitting on hard benches and doing as we were told

So many of those folks now rest on the hill

With gravestone markers in cold winter’s chill

Their memory lives on with those who are left

Great memories to keep those stories are the best


Painting of the Debolt Farm: Dwight L. Roth

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Cornbread and Chili


Cornbread and chili

Butter and spice dancing on my tongue

You know it’s good when

the cornbread falls apart in your hand

as the butter melts on top…

And the chili’s thick alchemy

satisfies like no other.

An existential happening in the senses

with every bite

like a five second dopamine rush.

It helped that I was hungry


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Heartbeat of Peace

Vika Art

Hope is a songbird

where fairies and young children

find refuge from war…

Clutching onto her feathers

to feel the heartbeat of peace


Today at d’Verse, Mish introduced us to Vike Muse, an artist from the Ukraine who shares her artwork on Instagram @get.muse . She creates beautiful fantasy art with positive themes to share her hope for a better day when this diabolical war has ended. Mish gave us several of her pieces to choose from. We were to pick one that inspires us and write a poem of any style about it. I wrote a Tanka.

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Live Now

IMG_8619 (3)

        Grace sat quietly in her wheelchair on the long veranda facing the valley below. It was a quiet place, except for the Cardinal who kept singing to his mate and the tiny Carolina wren whose piccolo voice made up for his size.

        Her mind wandered as she sat waiting for her sweet granddaughters to show up for their Sunday visit. She thought about her life and all the places she had visited and the interesting people she met along the way. Tom was a free-spirit and the two of them always envisioned the next place they might visit. “Talk what you please of future spring and sun-warm’d sweet tomorrow.” She had lived her life with exuberance and joy. This is what she wanted to impress upon her sweet granddaughters as well.

Hi, Grandma! What a beautiful view you have out here on the porch.”


Today at d’Verse, Sanaa gave us a prosery prompt form Christina Rossetti. We are to write a flash fiction of 144 words using this quote: “Talk what you please of future spring and sun-warm’d sweet tomorrow.” – from the poem A Daughter of Eve by Christina Rossetti.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Make a Difference

EER_0560 (2)

What good is knowledge if it moves no one to action

The spouting of words and details that leave one wondering

Saving the words preserving the truth holds little value

without real life application and motivation for change


What good is rhetoric, going on and on, yet going nowhere

Outlining, detailing facts that leave us in confused limbo

Futuristic admonitions that leave us wondering, “So what?”

A lifeless dust storm of theories full of gritty residue


What good is history if we never learn from it

Generations cycling through life like hamsters in a cage

Looking back but never seeing, listening but never hearing

Doomed to repeat what we vowed would never happen again


Are the answers simply blowing in the winds of change?

Is change just one step forward and two steps back?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Words Change the World

IMG_6653 (2)

The good and the traumatic seem to find permanent residence!

Remember, words are important!

They can build up or tear down in a matter of seconds

Remember, words are remembered

Embedded in feelings they lie in our minds

Remember, words have power

Call out those who commit atrocities

Remember, words can bring peace

Offering forgiveness, hope and compromise

Remember, words make a difference

Be careful how you use them

The good and the traumatic seem to find permanent residence!

Today at d’ verse. Sarah asked us to use anaphora, repetition in poetry. She gave us a list of words to choose from and we were to pick one to use as our repetitive word. I wrote this poem this morning after responding to Michele Lee’s post, ( and modified it a little to include the word remember.

This is what Wikipedia says: anaphora (Greek: ἀναφορά, “carrying back”) is a rhetorical device that consists of repeating a sequence of words at the beginnings of neighboring clauses, thereby lending them emphasis.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Changing Seasons

IMG_8498 (2)

Seasons of life collide with a season of war

Carnage rains down on young and old

The world weeps tears of anger and compassion

While those in Ukraine struggle to hold on

to their disrupted displaced lives

Snow falls as they hug their children

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to write a Quadrille of 44 words about the seasons. As an older person, I think about both the changing seasons and my own season of life. War is a vortex of evil that can happen in any season, but for us who are older it only speeds our demise.

In our digital world we see the horrors of the war in Ukraine every day on our news broadcasts. One cannot help but put themselves in their place as we watch and wonder what we would do in their place.

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Go Tar Heels!

EER_0105 (3)

Those of you in the US who follow NCAA Basketball know that the University of North Carolina beat Duke University last night in the Semi-finals. It was a game of crosstown rivals who have never met in a Tournament semi-final game before. It was only a few points apart all the way through the game with Carolina making some great shots and controlling the ball in the final seconds.  It was sad for Duke since this is Couch K’s last game as coach. Since I have family members who have and do attend UNC, I can only be happy that they are going to meet Kansas tomorrow night in the NCAA final game for 2022!

No Tar on the heels

Just excellent gamesmanship

Go Tar Heels!

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Note: The origins of the Tar Heel nickname trace back to North Carolina’s prominence in the mid 18th and 19th centuries as a producer of turpentine, tar, pitch, and other materials from the state’s plentiful pine trees. ~ Wikapedia~

Red Bellied Woodpecker Nesting

EER_0659 (3)

Back in 2016 a pair of woodpeckers decided to make a nest in my deteriorating maple tree at the edge of the back yard. We watched as they carved a hole in the tree. I could see them working from my recliner. When they got it large enough to disappear inside, the female started laying eggs and stayed in the nest. Both the male and female sat on the nest. We had a two-week trip planned so we missed seeing the young ones come out. It was really interesting to watch. The male and female look alike, except the female has a narrow gray band just above her beak. The male has a solid red head.

The following year the squirrels moved in, enlarging the hole to twice its size. The next year a storm came through and broke the top out of the tree. Now the squirrels have move into the rotted-out hole further down the tree.

Woodpeckers carve nest,

move in, make themselves a home

Then, sold condo to squirrels


red bellied Woodpecker


red bellied Woodpecker.jpg 2

red bellied Woodpecker.jpg 3

red bellied Woodpecker.jpg 4

Squirrels mating (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth