Ukrainian Now

Tom Paxton and John McCutcheon have written a heartfelt, stirring song, “Ukrainian Now”, that touches us all. Noel Paul Stookey edited this beautiful video that includes Peter Yarrow, Bill Miller, Tret Fure, Holly Near, Joe Jencks, Emma’s Revolution, Rebel Voices, Crys Matthews, Carrie Newcomer and Christine Lavin singing with them.

Many of these folks are living shadows from my past! They came out of the Folk Revival of the 1960s and have been speaking through their music and lyrics ever since that time. This is poetry in song! This is a beautiful heartfelt song!


50 thoughts on “Ukrainian Now

  1. This is the music I play and listen to. Gotta say this music is much more beautiful and meaningful than most of the mindless crap that is popular today. When I’m assaulted with it in the gym, I thank God for e

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  2. This moved me to tears, Dwight. What a beautiful blend of voices and souls. I’m having such a difficult time with watching this war. I get angry when the media highlights our horrible economy, then flips right to the billion dollar NFL draft, and then the travesty taking place to our people in Ukraine. My youngest son is being deployed NEXT week as he will be filling in at Ramstein for one’s helping with evacuees still. I may be a bit emotional after battling Covid all week, but our country has its priorities out of whack.

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    • Thank you, Karla for your heartfelt comment. When sports becomes more important than people we really are screw up. You have a lot on your plate with health issues and your sone being deployed. Hang in there. Hopefully this week will be better for you.


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