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Hummingbirds zip around my yard each summer, enjoying the flowers and sucking the nectar up with their long straw-like beak. They are very tiny birds just over two inches long and have nests the size of a thimble.  I have been seeing ads for round hummingbird nesting boxes coming across my Facebook page. Rather than buy one I thought about what I could use to make one.

A few months ago my wife gave me some wooden cosmetic boxes that have a sliding lid. I thought if I cut them in half and drilled a hole in them, they might make a perfect nesting box for humming birds. So, I went to work on making them as you can see in the photos below.  I hung them on trees in the back yard and put some cotton balls in the box to encourage them. I also cleaned out my feeder and mixed up som new sugar water for them. Two days later the some of the cotton had been pulled from the nest, ( I am assuming by other birds) They all like the soft material for their nests.

Hopefully the hummingbirds will come and move in to the little houses.

*** to be continued…





IMG_9197 (2)

IMG_9199 (2)

IMG_9198 (2)

Two nesting boxes

For two tiny hummingbirds

Hoping they will come

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

More about hummingbirds… Click below:

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