The Heartbeat of Peace

Vika Art

Hope is a songbird

where fairies and young children

find refuge from war…

Clutching onto her feathers

to feel the heartbeat of peace


Today at d’Verse, Mish introduced us to Vike Muse, an artist from the Ukraine who shares her artwork on Instagram @get.muse . She creates beautiful fantasy art with positive themes to share her hope for a better day when this diabolical war has ended. Mish gave us several of her pieces to choose from. We were to pick one that inspires us and write a poem of any style about it. I wrote a Tanka.

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82 thoughts on “The Heartbeat of Peace

  1. I love what you did with the prompt. I bought a yellow/blue stained glass hummingbird by a Ukraine artist – and was inspired by its beauty, too. But I didn’t create a poem for it as you did. Your creativity is so inspiring!

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      • You’re welcome! Yes, it connected to me, too! Strangely, I felt as that little girl clinging to the bird. I’ll stop by IG tonight as I have so many children author friends there. That’s mainly why I use it–to make beautiful connections just like what you shared! Stay safe and blessed!

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