Shadows of Sadness

IMG_3778 (2)

Spring sun shines brightly

Skies blue and cottony over head

Yet, shadows of sadness surround me


Life’s journey brought me here

Overcoming through ups and downs

Yet, shadows of sadness surround me


So quickly our good life gets disrupted

Many hide as tanks roll and bombs explode

As shadows of sadness surround them


As men take a stand and mothers flee

Innocent people die daily from blind destruction

And, shadows of sadness surround me


Power corrupts and divides us

Greed and Evil are Siamese twins

Yet, hope rises in the sadness that surrounds us


People with hope believe in their cause

Willing to die rather than loose their freedom

And, hope for their children empowers them…


In spite of the sad shadows that surround us all


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

I am sharing this tonight on the d’Verse poets open link night.

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55 thoughts on “Shadows of Sadness

  1. It’s such a sad situation! To lose so much as a country so needlessly. To lose so many people so needlessly. God, loose the chains of evil that bind Putin’s heart and help him lose his evil intentions!

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