Hats Make All Men Equal

IMG_2148 (2)

In the world of men

Hats make all men equal

Some men have hair

Others are not so endowed

Hair seems to be desired by many

Tiny implants planted

In the thinning bald spots

Trying to equalize past and present

Some men simply throw in the towel

Shaving it all off smooth as a bowling ball

Then there are old men

Who cannot accept the fact that it’s gone

So they let the little spiny bristles of gray

Twist and twerk all alone

On the vast desert of smooth skin

But to me it matters not

Whether one has hair

Or is thinning and gray

Simply wear a hat

For in a hat

All men are equal

Photo: Daniel Niece

Today at d’Verse Mish asked us to write a poem about the hat.Β  As I got older and have less and less hair, I wear a hat. It feels good to me and makes me feel more equal to other men when I wear a hat!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

72 thoughts on “Hats Make All Men Equal

  1. Robert is the hat wearer at our house, Dwight. He wears a cap to keep his forehead warm. I do have a brim with no crown that I sometimes wear when walking on the beach. πŸ™‚ I love your poem about hats making all men equal. Equality is a good thing! ❀

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