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There was a time when things held value, were retained and cherished. As I think of our fast-paced digital world, I wonder what is gained and what is lost.

Once we had hymnbooks that contained a collection of cherished meaningful songs to be sung over and over. Now we continually crank out new songs, flashed up on a screen, before we have learned to appreciate the current ones.

Being a blogger is stimulating and interesting, but the volume of material that flows through the blog leaves me only minutes or seconds to contemplate it before moving on to the next new thing. Will what we write today have any meaning for tomorrow like poets and writers of the past?

The music industry lives for the bottom line and rides success like and eight-minute rodeo ride. Creativity is often put aside for the next successful million selling song, just like the one before.

So again, I ask, what have we gained in our lightning fast virtual, digital world? What do you value and hold dear? What do you put on your virtual shelf to read or listen to over and over? Is anything held in your hands and cherished anymore? Does anything move you or stir your soul? Or are you numb with overload!

Give me a second.”

Hold new meaning in our world

No time for thinking


Painting of some of my favorite things: Dwight L. Roth

46 thoughts on “Overload

  1. I often find this to be the case Mr. Roth, even as a millennium who is use to fast pace, quick changing trends (that only lasts for a week sometimes). I had to reevaluate who I am and what I hold dear upon moving forward in life and growing.
    I now have a shelf (that is getting low on space already) that holds my most sentimental gifts I have obtained over the years. While meditating I often find myself in front of this shelf, holding trinkets in my hand while meditating on them, as well as the candle Light and music; clearing my head and focusing on the present now rather than what comes next.
    Well said though and this has become fact more so over the generations and happens very quickly, as if gaining momentum and entropy indefinitely.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful response! I know what you mean. I have a shelf-full myself and cherish every item that sits on it! I believe it helps keep me grounded and remember where I came from to get this far. I appreciate your comment.


  2. So true! I relate to your thoughts and questions very much.
    What I value is connection… Spiritual and social connections. So when I write I hope that what I share will be meaningful or inspirational or encouraging because I believe that is the gift God gave me. But I find it disturbing not to find out how virtual people really are doing and then again if I knew how would I really be of support to them.
    As for reading other people’s blogs or posts on social media I find I need to be selective. Even so I feel my inner quietness is easily distracted by all the things I read. That is is when I take an unapologetic break from it all.
    I enjoy reading your posts, I view your posts edifying and look forward to reading them.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comments. I agree that be an inspiration or encouragement to others is a gift we can share. I am slowing down a little on my postings and skip days from time to time. But keeping up is a challenge and like you I try to be selective. I do try to respond to anyone who leaves a comment. I love the connections like you that I have made on my blog site. Your journey has been inspiring to me and I am sure to others as well. I really appreciate your kind comment!

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  3. I have to agree with you Dwight. We move on to the next shiny object in a split second. We are distracted by the distractions and often are not even aware of them. It’s become our new normal. When we realize we’re overwhelmed, and quite frankly we’ve invited it in (spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally), then we begin to question our mental stability, and then that becomes a problem. UGH! 😝 Time to unload the overload my friend! 🤗👍🏼🙏🏼

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  4. Like all things, it’s all about balance, isn’t it? I have gained so much in learning how to blog and use social media, mainly because my situation finds me often isolated. At the same time, there are times where I am overwhelmed and have to pull back.

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  5. This post touched my heart. I love the painting! I feel very similar. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I do NOT like our fast-paced world; it’s challenging. I attend church in a little log church with no electricity and we sing from hymnals. Does it mean that I’m unwilling to change? Absolutely not. I’m just not willing to give up that which I hold sacred in my heart and soul for something that is fleeting and doesn’t leave a soul mark. I’m not on FB or Twitter. I do have an Instagram account. And just this morning I had a discussion with someone about all the videos and “reels”. They are jarring and loud to me. But if people love the videos and wish to get fulfillment from TikTok and all that; so be it. To each their own. It’s all distractions to me. I’m not for sure why I focused just on technology as I nearly get ran over on the road too. Everyone’s in a hurry. It all has ebbs and flows. But I know what stays flooded in my heart. I post once a week and can get overwhelmed. I’m not into numbers as much as authentic connections. So I try very hard to be a good reader. Life is just very busy and I guess everything is about balance! Keeping God at the center proves other things more balanced for me. Stay blessed and healthy!

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    • Thank you so much! I am glad this connected with you. It is very challenging to keep up with everything, especially as I get older. I love blogging and connecting with all of you. It is very rewarding when my posts connect with others.
      Digital technology has really changed the world. Not always for the better! I love your wonderful comments on this. This statement really sums up what we both are saying… “I’m just not willing to give up that which I hold sacred in my heart and soul for something that is fleeting and doesn’t leave a soul mark.”
      Thank you so much for your great comments.

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      • You’re welcome, Dwight. It’s refreshing to find like-minded souls. I really try to learn from everyone! I always can! But when someone shares something that strikes a chord I just want to smile and nod my head continuously! When the world can’t agree on much, it’s nice to find folks that make you feel you’re not alone in your thinking! Stay safe and blessed!

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  6. Dwight, I am deeply moved by this piece. You wrote what needed to be said and questions that need to be asked. I still hold and cherish things that technology will never replace – books, paper and pen, my journals, plants from the garden, my husband’s hand, hugs from family and friends, my camera. I recognized early in my writing journey (just over two years ago) that I could spend all my writing time getting caught up in various digital platform and online writing groups, etc. or I could just start writing. I chose to focus on writing. I am glad for that decision. Who knows if it any of it will have value in the future, but creative expression is adding value to my life now, so that alone is meaningful and I think has a positive ripple effect that we can’t quantify. I like Instagram for sharing photos and WP for sharing my writing and connecting with other writers and artists and that is the extent of my Social Media. That and online teaching are plenty. I have mixed feelings about online teaching/workshops. I prefer the energy and exchange of teaching in person, but online teaching offers an opportunity to connect with people from around the world and can be done anywhere, so there is great freedom in that. I think it is important to be selective with our finite time – choosing situations/stories/people that add value you to your life. 😊 Engaging post. Thank you!

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  8. You nailed it Dwight. It’s gotten to be that we can loose ourselves easily through technology which is very sad and yet on the other hand like now we can reach out and connect which is so meaningful. It’s truly a fine line we walk! 💖🌻 Great food for thought. Thanks Dwight!💖🌻

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