Coach K’s Last Game at Duke

Tonight, Duke and Carolina will meet again for coach Mike Krzyzewski’s last game as head coach at Duke University in Durham, NC. His career has spanned forty-seven years, first coaching at Army and then coming to Duke in 1980.

Coach K is a coaching icon. He was offered multi-million-dollar positions with the NBA at least five times, which he turned down. Many of the players he mentored have gone on to play in the NBA. He also coached the US Olympic basketball team as well.

The game tonight as Cameron indoor stadium will be filled with mixed emotions as the two rivals meet once again. For more on Coach K, read the articles below.

Emotions run high

Duke and UNC meet again

Coach K’s sad good-bye


March madness is almost here

College basketball fever

EER_0112 (2)

Paintings: Dwight L. Roth

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski retiring after 2021-22 season (

Mike Krzyzewski – Wikipedia

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