Poets or Squirrels?

EER_0076 (2)

We poets

are much like Mish’s squirrels

always searching

for a nibble

on a word peanut

chewing the lines

discarding the shells

looking for that delicious

nut of inspiration

which we bury

deep in our word processor

where we will dig it up later

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Mish shared about the squirrels, her neighbor feeds, who love to nibble on their peanuts and bury them in her yard. They are quite a nuisance, getting into her bird feeder stealing her sunflower seeds. She asked us to use the word nibble in our 44-word Quadrille. I decided to compare her squirrels to us poets, always looking for the next morsel of inspiration to nibble on and stash away.

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