Waiting to Come Out

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As I have shared earlier, I am trying to keep my hibiscus plants over the winter. They are not fans of cold weather, especially the freezing kind. I dug them up and put them in a plastic pot and set them in my garage. On warmer days I set them outside for some sunlight.

It put out its last beautiful bloom over New Years. Soon after, two buds appeared. Though I have watered it and set it in the sunlight, the buds would not open. The last couple of days were up to 60 F and this evening, when I put it back in to garage, I saw the buds were starting to open a little. 

It reminded me of how we have reacted to Covid-19. Some came out right away, while others have come out very cautiously. A little reprieve does not mean it won’t return again. Hopefully we all will open up and bloom again as circumstances get better!

Coming out scares us

Becoming obsessed with masks

Hiding our sweet smiles

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

40 thoughts on “Waiting to Come Out

  1. A beautiful metaphor, Dwight! I think that individual situations vary, and some people or those in their households are more at risk than others.

    SW Florida just had two freezing nights…the first time in about 12 years. We have some dieback but nothing compared with many of our neighbors. I think most of our plantings will survive, and I am pruning out dead parts. It is sad to see my neighbor’s palms and hedges of palms, as well as many shrubs and flowers, suddenly turned brown.

    I moved my orchids on the lanai closer to the house and they seem to have come out well. Good luck with your hibiscus!

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  2. Isn’t this just like the Body of Christ? Some bloom quickly, while others need God’s patient tending (mercy and compassion: shielding in the garage and bringing out into the sun, again and again) to arise and bloom in His Word to them. And yet each of us have purpose in God’s plan (even those who bloom quickly are taught perserverance, as God calls them to shield those who struggle from Satan’s darts and to bring them into the light, piece by piece, that they may trust in God’s love through the correction He brings).


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