Memories on a Shelf

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In 2019, when everything was open and there was no thought of a pandemic, we took a river cruise up the Rhine River, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, stopping at several cities along the way. At Strasbourg, France, we visit the famous Cathedral with its beautiful architecture and stained-glass windows.   

A vender at the open-air market nearby had racks of scarfs for sale. Ruth picked out some colorful ones for out granddaughters which we purchased, never even thinking about haggling over the price. He put them in this colorful red bag which has become one of the few souvenirs of our trip. It hangs on the wall in our closet along with her cute hat on the shelf.  We smile when we see it and remember the wonderful time we had.

Memories on a shelf

Celebrating a milestone

Love lasts a lifetime

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35 thoughts on “Memories on a Shelf

  1. What a sweet post, Dwight! Your wife looks pretty in that fetching hat. Maybe the pandemic will go away in time for us to make some more grand memories, but in the meantime, we can still make pleasant memories every day!

    I consulted Brian, a birder at doerfob, about the cardinals around here. He said they are not migratory, but probably are more active during the mating season and more easily seen then. I think I need to get out more! I did hear a cardinal calling a couple of days ago. Glad you see cardinals all year, Dwight. I stand corrected! I always enjoy your bird photos! ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thank you so much, Cheryl. She was quite fetching in that hat! :>) I love watching the Cardinals. The red color seems to be much more intense i the winter. You must have “Tropical Cardinals”!


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