After last night’s storm the tulip petals are strewn across the patio

where they mortally fluttered.”- Church, Jim Harrison

This week I got word of two different friends who died from Covid-19. Gerry was my neighbor and friend for many years. He was full of life, and as his daughter said, “His zest for life was infectious…” He never knew a stranger and his compassion for people of all races and colors was an example to all of us. My wife and I had a standing weekend dinner date with Gerry and Alice for many years. Now I am reflecting on so many good times together with them.

I learned to know Loraine at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore. She was the assistant manager for several years and always appreciated the volunteer work I did there. She was a feisty redhead who didn’t take any junk from anyone, yet she had a heart of gold. She retired a couple of years ago and had recently gone to live with her daughter in Florida.

It saddens me when my close friends are strewn across Covid-19’s dark deck, fluttering as they breath their last. Brings realization of my own mortality before my eyes.

Petals strewn will fade

Old friends bid farewell and pass

Great memories linger


Today at d’Verse, Linda asked us to choose one of eight lines from Jim Harrison, writer and poet, and used the line as an epigraph to a poem we will write. It can be any form, so for this one I chose to write a memorial Haibun.

Join us at:

Fallen Rose Petals – Painting: Dwight L. Roth

76 thoughts on “Passings

      • Memories, especially the good ones you cherish, don’t come easy for most people. It hurts because of your caring and loving nature Dwight. 🥰💖😊 We just take it one day at a time, and keep their memory alive in our hearts, through the experiences we shared with them. 🙏🏼 Stay well and take care my friend.


  1. So sorry Dwight, for your losses. Seems we are saying that more and more, whether COVID 19 or other issues. Is one worse than another? I say no. Death is inevitable for all. We don’t choose the time or cause. One here, a heweart attack, more than one, overdose, another, natural causes. We all grieve and mourn. Beautiful sentiments beautifully penned.


    • Thank you so much Valerie.
      Covid has really taken its toll. And people still won’t get vaccinated. I just don’t understand that at all. Over half of the deaths and most of the hospitalizations are those who are non vaccinated!

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