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Dreams are not like luggage

that gets lost when you fly.

They’re always buried in your bag.

They never go away.

So, as you age, and life goes on

thinking dreams have passed you by…

Dig down deep // pick one just for you.

It’s not too late to try.


To quit dreaming is to let your soul die…

I decided to post a simple poem from 2018 for open link night at d’verse.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com 



81 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Sometimes we need the “baggage” that we carry that is so often referred to in negative terms. It is part of who we have been, and carried the seeds of dreams in it as well. Yes, I have baggage. Yes, I still have dreams…included in the baggage…..

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  2. Life at any age would be sad without dreams. At 72, I have no aspirations to become a gymnast or ballerina, but there is still a lot that I can accomplish if I follow my dreams.

    This is such a lovely poem, Dwight! Very encouraging and uplifting. ❤ Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. I enjoyed this, Dwight.
    had a recurring dream — early, early this morning. And as with any of my recurring dreams. there were subtle differences. Same story-line, with subtle differences in actions or words. Almost like memories or stories told that change as we remember them.

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  4. Late to finish up reading from my OLN tending…but so glad I read this under the San Diego sun. Yes, yes, YES! Dreams can be picked up and redreamed and lived. I think of folks who after rejuvenatement (never say retirement) decide to pick up a dream and move to a hobby, or a place, or a new job as a volunteer etc…something they wanted to do long ago but life passed them by before they could accomplish it….got busy with to-dos, or demanding careers, or raising children etc. LOVE this poem!

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