High Rise Condo

DSC_0075 (2)

A pair of Squirrels moved into the high-rise condo next door. They are making their nest in the rotting Maple tree at the edge of my back yard. From my window I watch them scurrying up and down and in and out, filling the bottom with sticks and carving out an upper escape route with their teeth.

This used to be the home of a pair of Red Bellied Woodpeckers a few years ago. I watched them as well, as they drilled into the tree with their strong beaks. They only stayed a year and then the squirrels moved in making the hole bigger and bigger each year. When a storm blew off the top of the tree, the deterioration set in and it began to decay rapidly.

This year we will have a nest of baby squirrels who will come looking for seeds at my bird feeder. Seems there is on end to squirrels.

New neighbors move in

rotten High-Rise // a good home

for pesky squirrels

I took these photos this morning. I saw them go up into the tree, so I got my camera and walked out to the tree. While I stood freezing in the yard, they stayed in the tree waiting for me to leave. Finally, they came out and went up the nearby tree and disappeared. They will be back.

DSC_0069 (3)
DSC_0067 (4)
DSC_0072 (3)
DSC_0074 (2)

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

42 thoughts on “High Rise Condo

  1. We have squirrels in the trees outside our window here at Ty & Monika’s. During that C’mas blizzard, some trees were knocked down by the heavy snow and some branches that were squirrel overpasses fell also. The squirrels are busy creating new homes and new passages. It’s fun to watch. I wish I had your photography skills!

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  2. We have squirrels walking on the wires, going up and down the trees, coming to our front and back yards, taking our bird seeds. They are not afraid of me. They would stare at me until I go close to chase them away. A lovely sight to see their nest. Hope to see the post of their babies.

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  3. Honey, these squirrels are like worker bees around here. There is a tree next to our house in our neighbor’s yard where one set of squirrels have their residential nests high up in the trees. I was watching two of them a few days ago scaling up the tree and checking the nest, then scurrying down the truck and chasing each other to the group of trees near the back of our house. You shot some good photos. You have a regular wild kingdom going on in your yard Dwight!!! LOL 🐿🌳🦅

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