The Atrocities of Being Right


On this anniversary of the violent attack on the US capital, I thought perhaps this poem is a good one to reflect on as we think about the motivation behind it all. It a time when the country is divided politically and philosophically, it all boils down to who is right!  When one is convinced, he/she is right anything can and will happen. We never seem to learn from history. Religion and Politics have both lost their way time and time again.

This poem is written from a semi-theological point of view but crosses over into all aspects of being right. 

The Atrocities of Being Right

Who decides what is right or wrong?

This question is decided before we’re born

So, who is really right and who is all wrong?

Really depends on where you’re born

In India, in Iran, in China or Japan

Truth there is dealt a different hand


So sad the atrocities that have been done

Killing and maiming and burning the one

Who might disagree with our chosen one


How many buildings must we burn

Or suicide bombers take their turn

Is life not important?

Have we no regard?

As long as we’re right killing is not hard

All is done in the name of our cause

Blessings on us and curses abroad


What atrocities we’ve exacted

On the brotherhood of man

Torture, stoning, and fire, is our plan

With bombs and guns and deadly airplanes


All because “WE” have the “truth”


We forget that in the heart of every man

Love crosses every span

Love can bridge the gulf of war

Of bombs, of hate and so much more

Ironic that in every Book

Loving your neighbor is what it took


To change the world, it takes God’s love

Overcoming hate comes from above

Stop the atrocities // demanding our rights

The truth of God’s Love is what brings Light


Race, Religion, Politics, and Creed

Will one day disappear

Only God’s love will still be there

So believe what you choose, and be happy in it

But don’t demand that all must fit in it

Your perception of right or wrong

Will one day soon be gone

Only Love remains!

I Corinthians 13


Dwight L. Roth 12-2014

Painting; Dwight L. Roth

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66 thoughts on “The Atrocities of Being Right

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  2. Dwight, this morning as I went out to snowblow the driveway I remembered something a person I believe has been possessed — literally — said, “I am legion.” With the sun on my face, a thought came into my head — God’s? — that said, “We are too!” Never let the darkness quench the light that is found within. Thank you for this poem and may it come to pass.

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      • :>)
        Let me quote you one to return the favor. It was in my Sonnet #5 post at Christmas time.

        “The greatest things are accomplished in silence — not in the clamor and display of superficial eventfulness, but in the deep clarity of inner vision; in the almost imperceptible start of decision, in quiet overcoming and hidden sacrifice. Spiritual conception happens when the heart is quickened by love, and the free will stirs to action. The silent forces are the strong forces. Let us turn now to the stillest event of all, stillest because it came from the remoteness beyond the noise of any possible intrusion — from God.”
        Romano Guardini’s, The Lord (German: Der Herr).

        You probably know—Quote Source: The Lord is a Christological book by Romano Guardini, a Roman Catholic priest and academic.
        I bless you. Good night.

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  4. What a stunning poem Dwight! So many of us are afflicted with the need to be right. It’s knowing that none of us know – that no single one of us has the complete picture – that should be enough to show everybody the respect they deserve. 🙏

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