My Blood Runs Red

Words…. the poets lifeblood…

EER_0627 (2)

My words bleed red … running over the page
pouring out of the strict and rigid channels
onto flood plains of freedom unrestricted
My words bleed red … staining minds who read them
with lasting impressions embedded like hooks in a song
never forgotten… but rather called up at a moments notice
My words bleed red … life running out of me
so, I draw from your word bank of inspiration
mixing words with words finding my muse once more

29 thoughts on “My Blood Runs Red

  1. Powerful poem, beautiful photo. Poets words do start in their heart and form poems that touch the hearts of their readers. It’s so obvious, Dwight, your poems are from your amazing heart!
    (((HUGS))) ❤
    PS…Been super busy with yearly doc-appointments, etc., and preparing for Thanksgiving! 🙂

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