Decorating the Christmas Tree

EER_0996 (2)

Grandchildren used to come after Thanksgiving
setting up and decorating our Christmas tree.
Our tree has lights already wound and entwined.
Decorations are memories of teacher gifts
given by students over the year // each one special.
When I was young, we never had a Christmas Tree.
You see, we spent each Christmas with our relatives
who lived four hours away in a big snowy valley.
There, they all had beautifully decorated trees;
Some even had lighted candles that danced and bubbled
Now most of the Grandchildren are grown and gone.
Only the two youngest ones came last year.
Funny how some things are only special to children
who still enjoy the rediscovery of each ornament
dug out of a big plastic tub that was stored in the garage.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today Dora was our host at d’Verse, and asked us to write a poem about an epiphany or pause in our Christmas comings and goings. It was to be something that creates a twist in our poem that takes the reader a different direction of thinking or reflection.

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47 thoughts on “Decorating the Christmas Tree

  1. Funny how some things are only special to children

    So true! Even my own childhood things interest me less today than they did. I have such fond memories of my attachments to them… but the objects themselves? Much less so.


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  2. What are holidays if not for the young! They help us rediscover the magic of our own wonder at Christmas trees, lights, and I see that brightening epiphany softening the memories and anticipating the new. The last two lines put a cap on it all: those ornaments we’ve stuffed away in trash bags become objects of wonder again. Loved this poem, Dwight,

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  3. Dwight, great poem filled with your memories from childhood and growing up.
    All through the Christmas tree.
    I still love the Christmas tree, refuse the plastic one, it has to smell of Forest.
    It played a big role for us when I grew up and when I had children I continued
    the same tradition even though we spent most with my parents.

    Think we could all right short stories about these events and memories. 😊🌲.


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