Little Brother

Phil on the porch at Masontown

When I was ten years old, my parents announced to the four of us children that we were going to be having a baby brother or sister. Back then there were no tests to tell ahead of time. What a surprise for me (and I think for my parents as well). My mom was 43 at the time, and having a baby at that age was questionable back then, since the age factor could lead to issues like Downs Syndrome and others.

I remember being introduced to people as the “Baby of the family!” It brought a lot of good attention it seemed. But with the advent of my new little brother, all that changed over night. All went well and my brother Philip was born without any complications. He was the first of us to be born in the hospital! He was so cute and everyone loved him and showered him with attention. I don’t remember ever feeling jealous or left out as a result. I am sure it was a bigger adjustment for my parents than it was for us children. My sister was delighted to have a little brother and took him under her wing to look after.

Tomorrow, October 25th, he turns 64! It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since then. I wanted to write this post to wish him happy birthday!

What a nice surprise

A little brother arrived

Happy Birthday Phil


Photo from family album

60 thoughts on “Little Brother

  1. My little brother is only a year a 4 months younger than me, but there was 12 year gap to when my liitle sister was born … and yes … she was a lovely surprise for everyone in the family … thank you Dwight for reminding me of those wondrous childhood days, by sharing your lovely story with us … happy birthday to your little brother !!

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  2. Aw, what a sweet photo and wonderful poem! Happy Birthday to Phil! 🙂 I hope he has a beautiful celebration! 🙂
    I imagine you are THE BESTEST big brother, Dwight! 🙂
    I can relate to Phil…I am the baby of 8 kids and my Mom was 40 when I was born. My oldest siblings were a lot like parents to me in many ways. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    Birthday(((HUGS))) for Phil! 🙂

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  3. I heard of such surprise pregnancy stories several times. One of my friends was born 8 years younger than her older siblings. Her mother was around mid 40s when she found her self pregnant. The family moved from the northern part to the subtropical south, which in her mother’s opinion contributed to the pregnancy. Thank you for sharing such a loving family story. Wish all babies are born to loving families.

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