Ashes Scattered

Indian funeral AP - image

AP – Photo

In India, funeral pyres burn

Smoke of gloom rises from

crematories and parking lots.

Loved ones isolated as fires

consume what mattered most.

Overwhelming numbers rise

along with cries of family.

Ashes remain…

Fires cool…

Ganges carries spirits of

loved ones to the sea.


Today at d’Verse Sarah asked us to write a Quadrille of 44 words using the word Ash. It was shocking to me, earlier in the summer, to see the numbers of Covid-19 deaths rising in India. The funeral pyres burning in parking lots was very sad and disturbing to see. Cremation is done all over the world. The ashes of loved ones are kept or scattered. It is my understanding that the ashes of loved ones in India are often scattered in the Ganges River. Please correct me if I am mistaken.  I decided to write about this for my poem today.

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83 thoughts on “Ashes Scattered

  1. “Ganges carries spirits of
    loved ones to the sea”- Sad yet powerful line. Funeral pyres burning in parking lots? I’ve never heard of something like that but I’ll believe it, because in late 2020 and early 2021, the worst was happening. Too many covid deaths and too little burial grounds. In most cases, covid deaths were handled by the government and the families were not even allowed to LOOK at their loved ones one last time! It did get out of hand. By God’s grace, our vaccination rates have skyrocketed now and covid deaths have come down. (Almost 50% of our adult population is atleast partially vaccinated). This is just as respectful as this post can be written. 🙂 Lovely words!

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    • Thank you Sam for your helpful information. I am so glad your cases have come down and vaccinations are taking effect. The pictures like the one in the post were shown on our news programs. They are also posted on google search as well. That I where I found this photo. I am glad the poem was acceptable. I really appreciate your input!

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  2. *sigh* it’s terrible, Dwight. And the truth is (as you know) that it’s not only India’s problem – we’ll never get through this as long as huge numbers of people are getting infected and dying anywhere in the world…


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  3. I think you did handle this respectfully, Dwight. It is a sad and tragic situation.

    You might remember that my mom died of Covid in the first wave here. She was cremated, but we never did really had a memorial service for her.

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  4. That surge in India was deeply disturbing as we watched on the news the funeral pyres burning everywhere. Your poignant poem captures the feeling very well. How can some people in the US still refuse to wear a mask or to be vaccinated? Disinformation seems to still be swirling around us here in SW Florida.

    Take care Dwight! Hope you are enjoying some fine fall weather.


    • Thank you Cheryl. I could not believe what I was seeing on the news. It was so heartbreaking. Some seem to think their personal freedom is more important that looking out for their neighbor.
      Yes, the weather here is wonderful! Mid 70s and beautiful. I painted my first painting since April.


  5. Dwight,
    I can feel your heart-felt sentiments in this. Just heard from a relative that they are still keeping schools closed in areas where the pandemic is out of control. So many continue to fall victim to this pandemic, with or without vaccinations.

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    • Thank you Dora. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. It would be so heartbreaking to not be with your loved ones at the time of death. I hope and pray that they can soon get the help they need.


  6. Heart-touching, powerful, and important…image and your poem. So so so sad. 😦
    Thank you for sharing this respectful tribute. The world needs to know and remember what is going on.
    We’ve had friends who have had parents die due to Covid-19 this past year. 😦
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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  7. Heart breaking indeed! You stirred up lots of emotional comments snd feelings with this one! My prayers and concerns are with all who are facing these travesties. I pray we as a world can get a handle on this pandemic. 🙏🏽🥲

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