Grasping the Wind

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Grasping the Wind

You can’t hold on to what you will never have…

Those days of youth and vigor pass as we age

leaving some grasping for what is lost;

Seeking a fresh a new look // a temporary fix.

No matter how much we doctor up our body

or keep a regimented exercise routine…

It is still the same old engine wearing down

purring along with a few hits and misses;

But. still with the same number of miles on it!

Replacement parts and filler do not change

the fact that in time life will  run its course.

Temporary fixes are just that…. Temporary.

Live life to the full as long as you can…

Don’t fight the finality // embrace it.

Enjoy family and friends who love you as you are;

Think of all the lifetimes you have already lived.

When this temporary one passes…

God’s light and love will carry us on

to something more permanent and lasting.


Fall seems to be a time of reflection for me. The approach of winter always turns my thoughts to my on winter of life and what it means. These are some of those thoughts that passed through my mind today.

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70 thoughts on “Grasping the Wind

    • That is most kind of you to say. I never would have guessed you were older than me! I love sharing my musings as they creep into my head. I am so glad you enjoy them as well. Thank you very much!


  1. Dwight, I like your attitude. We are blessed to have lived many lifetimes and there is some comfort in knowing the end is not the end. Good to see you at the live event today and sorry it got cut short. I think whoever hosts it next time will have a 2nd link ready to go after the hour of the first link runs out (if you’re not using a paid/premium account, meetings have a limit of 60 minutes now.)

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  2. This is incredibly deep and wise, Dwight 🙂 I especially like; “Replacement parts and filler do not change the fact that in time life will run its course.
    Temporary fixes are just that…. Temporary.” Yes! 💝💝

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  3. Autumn is just an overflow of memories of the past for me, and the look back makes the look forward all the more meaningful. The hourglass fills, but we have God’s light to see us through! Love that hopeful/prayerful note you end on, Dwight.

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  4. Each season carries its own beauty, doesn’t it? Your poem is so thoughtful, {{{Dwight}}} – and so artfully crafted. This body of mine has been through those first three seasons and has weathered them well. Only one replacement part needed so far! But in the winter season more are crying for help. Currently it’s the right ankle. Ooohlala! It barks! However, I will remember to “Enjoy family and friends who love [me] as [I am]” – and thank God daily for their patience & understanding as I try to dig up those fruits of the spirit in me, too! Thanks for your encouragement!

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  5. Beautiful thoughts of wisdom on aging Dwight. None of us escape this and embracing all of the facets are so important. I’ve always loved old people and worked with so many early on so I feel blessed to know limitations and how things can change on a dime. 💖

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  6. I so understand this….and so relate to your words. At 74, I’m hoping this is the autumn of my life. But we’ve learned to be thankful for every day….accept the inevitable body changes and work with them the best we can.

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  7. It was great to see and hear you, Dwight.
    I can relate to this, too. I think autumn does lend itself to reflect, and as I get older, I also reflect about life, death (and in-between). 😀
    The dog in the photo looks very happy!


  8. A worthy reminder to enjoy every moment, Dwight! I love these lines especially:

    “It is still the same old engine wearing down
    purring along with a few hits and misses;
    But still with the same number of miles on it!”

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