Peddle Faster

EER_0783 (2)

Peddle faster feel the wind

The finish line is now in sight

My race is on

But winning is not the goal

Just finishing well

Many slow down // stumble and fall

Barely dragging across the line

I never know what I might encounter

So, I give it all I’ve got, while I still can

The finish line is not far off

So I ride with gusto

Enjoy the thrill

Competition is not the goal

In this race of life

Anything can happen

Fading away is not my plan

It is all about finishing well

For the finish line is now in sight

But // I’ve still got a long way to go

But only time will tell

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


26 thoughts on “Peddle Faster

  1. The last 3 lines are somewhat tear-jerking (to me, atleast). This would be the BEST way to live life- not to win; but to finish content enough, a privilege not many have. Such a brilliant metaphor! Loved this masterpiece! 💖

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  2. Life is quite a road trip, isn’t it? And we never know what’s around the next bend … sort of like these Swiss hairpin turns we’re encountering these days. Thank God it’s our Swiss kids who’re navigating. Sometimes you gotta just let go and allow life to take you where it will. Can’t always be in charge! But, I hope you have “many miles to go before you part!”

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  3. Dwight,
    💝 Thank you for the wise thoughts and the beauty of the heart they reveal. I like the image of pedaling right up to the finish line, no time wasted, wind in the hair until the last moment, and this honesty, not in fear but in increased resolve to “finish well”: “For the finish line is now in sight.”

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