Connected or Disconnected

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Today I was feeling disconnected, so I thought I would write my feelings about it. My good friend Bob, moved back to New York, in 2018, to be closer to his family. He loved to talk and came by often when I was painting in my garage. He would sit and talk as we would solve the world’s problems while I painted.  Since he moved, I have not found anyone like him to connect with and it has been a lonely time for me. I am most grateful for all my wonderful blogger friends, but it is not quite the same.  

Feelings run deep

through the labyrinths of my mind

expressed in many subtle ways

as time moves on.

Emotions flow

like calm bayou waters…

over many tangled roots.

Finding connection with people

becomes a disillusioning task

in this age

of three-second attention spans

and busy schedules.

Friends who will take time

to sit and listen

are hard to come by.

Most acquaintances

are ‘hi and bye’ friends

with few shared interests.

Even family

is hard to connect with

amid work and school activities…

A smile and a hug

a shared meal or visit

between smart phone checks…

all on the run it seems.

Perhaps my interests

are just that…

my interests

while others have moved on.

Does anyone really care

what happens

how it happens

or what I think?

In our crowded

disconnected world

we live in seconds

not hours.

Who sits

and talks for an hour,

let alone minutes any more?

Perhaps we need more

front porch swings to sit on

with neighbors

who know each other…

people whom we can share

long conversations with

about the meaning

of life, love, and happiness.


we should spend real time

with our loved ones now

before it is too late.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


68 thoughts on “Connected or Disconnected

  1. Your insightful and reflective words resonate within my thoughts too Dwight … maybe this song and lyrics from Leonard Cohen depicts my position and feelings with the world around me at my age …

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  2. Dwight, it hurts to lose close friends. It does seem like everyone is too busy doing other things in other place to make time for connecting with their loved ones in a real way. Between electronics, covid, and earning enough money to get by, there appears to be little time left for what’s most important. Is there anyway you and your friend could connect on facetime, zoom, etc.? Maybe make a morning coffee date online? I know it isn’t the same, but you can still see his kind and smiling face and he can see yours.

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      • Dwight I have been reflecting more on your post. I am now 71. I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I worked as a nurse well into my 60s. Unfortunately I have been left disconnected to many due to dysfunctional family issues and retirement. I have noticed not just because of covid people are busy with their lives, I cannot depend on them. Thank goodness for my friends on WordPress, two dependable friends with regularly message me and some internet community groups I belong to . Even though I am alone I am happy and contented.


      • Oh, the joys of aging Ally. It does have it’s challenges. I do volunteer two afternoons a week at the Habitat Restore. I love working there and it gives me some social contact. And I have a few contacts at my church, but nothing personal.


  3. This is absolutely beautiful Dwight. 🥰 I can truly connect to your heartfelt sentiments. 💖 In all actuality, you are still spiritually connected, even though you are physically disconnected. Great and authentic friends are hard to come by! Sending big hugs your way my friend. Be well. 🤗🤗🤗

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  4. Sad to hear you’re feeling disconnected. Bob must feel the same way too. You are not alone. And you’re still connected. Remember.
    Sending a friendly hug and peaceful vibes. Feel better soon, Dwight. You are not alone.

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  5. How eloquently expressed, your yearning for this kindred spirit who’s now miles away. This poem also captures the reality of the connected yet disconnected modern world so well. Loved this line “In our crowded disconnected world we live in seconds not hours” Technology has connected people from different parts of the world but has left us distant from those very near. Having many virtual friends is indeed not the same as having an actual friend one feels intellectually and emotionally connected to. I hope you get to meet up more often. Meanwhile, your friend will really cherish this heartfelt poem. 🤍

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    • Thank you Sam for your kind expressions for my situation. It is very apparent that virtual connections are great, but lack in that personal one on one connections. I think this is why educators realize the importance of keeping kids in school in spite of the the threat of Covid. They need that personal connection to develop socially and mentally. I appreciate your kind words.

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  6. Profound thoughts. As we spend a weekend with an old friend now free to visit post Covid it reminds me of how with long term friendships the years just drop away as we engage with no effort; and as we age it becomes harder to put in the effort for new ones


    • Thank you Derrick for understanding. It is helping to be able to get out and visit again. I just got my third shot so I am becoming less and less concern about picking up Covid. I am glad to see the connections you have had over the past weeks.

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  7. Aw. 😦 We can all relate in some way, Dwight. And I think the past 18 months (with Covid19 and all the restrictions, etc.) it’s made it even more difficult to stay connected with people…of course, especially in person. 😦
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful open heart and feelings with us.
    I hope you and Bob can stay in touch via phone, text, or computer (Skype, Zoom, etc.) and then can plan to meet us somewhere in the near future for a vacation or some fun trip! 🙂 I know, from personal experience, the phone and internet is not the same, but it helps some.
    Know that many of us here care about you, appreciate you, want the best for you, and we pray for you. 🙂
    You are such a joy in our lives!
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂
    PS…You two's smiles in the photo are beautiful…and say much about friendship! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Carolyn for your kind words. We do the best we can under the circumstances. I really appreciate your caring affirmation of my work here on the blog. You all have been a wonderful outlet for me and my thoughts.

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  8. Love this Dwight 💕 In a world which is developing so fast I guess we feel disconnected at one point, its all social media this days no one to actually turn to and share our hearts content. Really glad you are connected to your friend again, hope you are in your happy place now 🙂 Wishing you well 🤗

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  9. I feel and echo all the care and concern for you when I read all the other comments. It’s like we want to fix the problem for you but we can’t. Every friendship has different qualities and is irreplaceable. You are in part morning a loss of a precious friendship. My hope as I think of you is that you will stumble upon another, although different, friendship that you find fulfilling or that you find a creative way to make contact with Bob. My daughter left South Africa and now lives in Scotland. We have a zoom chat while one or both of us are doing our painting or knitting so we can see what the other one is up to. I trust that God will guide you into a new friendship as you venture forth on the road of your life. 🙏🙏🌈

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    • Thank you so much Morgan for your caring thoughts. I believe you are right. It is difficult to lose someone you care about, be it death or separation. I believe in time that I will find other friendships to fill the gap. My fellow bloggers and you have been so very nice in sharing their thoughts and heartfelt concerns. For that I am most grateful. I will be fine and work on ways to fill that need.

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  10. A beautiful photograph which clearly shows your deep friendship and mutual happiness just being together. There is nothing like a friendship that connects two souls. Though he is no longer physically close by, frequent phone calls may help when you are missing him or better yet, perhaps a road trip to NY is on the horizon!

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