Grandma’s Black Raspberry Pie

Black Raspberry pie

A hug Black Raspberry pie

Thick and smooth as a clear purple sky

made with flour and lard it seems

Topped with a dip of real whipped cream


My earliest recollection

of my grandma’s fruit pie

is sitting at her table

And that twinkle in her eye

As she put a big slice out on my plate

It always brought a big smile to her face

Today at d’Verse, Mish asked us to think of all the different fruits of summer and write a poem about one of them. I chose to revise one I did a few years ago about my Grandma’s Black Raspberry Pie.

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Pie Photo: Pinterest

55 thoughts on “Grandma’s Black Raspberry Pie

  1. Love the rhyme in this which just adds to the joy of the memory. I’ve never had black raspberries as you’ve described, only the blackberries. May have to search them out now! The pie sounds amazing.

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  2. My travel buddies and I found a delightful little place just outside Gatlinburg Tennessee that had blackberry pie beyond compare. It was an must stop on our annual trips. YUM!

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