Massanutten Calls

EER_0562 (2)

Proud tall Massanutten Peak rises high

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley calls

Blue Ridge mountain stands against a blushed sky

A sentinel of history’s many flaws

Only erased by erosion and time

Ghosts of Lee haunt many a hallowed hall

Calling the living to keep in their minds

Cost of division runs bloody and deep

Yet, we still have not learned with passing time


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Laura reminded us that this is the 9th day fo the 9th month. She asked us to write write a nine line poem in iambic pentameter. This is my attempt. I am not sure if it is correct, but hopefully it is close.

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36 thoughts on “Massanutten Calls

  1. It was hard to believe, living in these beautiful mountains in the peaceful Shenandoah Valley, that this place was once the scene of bloody Civil War battles. Yet, it is true that we are doomed to repeat wars when we forget the lessons of history, and it seems that humankind never learns. Thank you, Dwight, for this beautifully expressed call to peace. ❤ Enjoy your weekend!

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