Purple Heart

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Today I talked with my neighbor who has been having ongoing relationship problems in his marriage. He decided it was time form him to leave the relationship and move out. It is very sad to see this taking place. It happens so often it seems. If you are in a situation like this, make the effort to go to a good family counselor for help before calling it quits. It may take some time, but it can save your relationship, if both of you are willing to work on resolution. I know this from experience.

Purple Heart

Seems all we do is argue and fuss

Can’t seem to find common ground

Not a way to raise a son…

Listening to all our ranting and raving

Perhaps time away from each other

Will help refocus our relationship

But then again, maybe not


Why is it so hard to listen

When our self-worth is on the line

Defense seems the only choice

Love has flown south for the winter

Raging words burn like California forest fires

When the battles are said and done

No one comes out a winner

I leave this relationship with a purple heart

Wounded in battle and scarred for life.

Painting: Dwight L Roth

60 thoughts on “Purple Heart

  1. Creative patches!
    Strikes through the truth! Hardly said it out loud ever but I always find (any) relationship chaotic and complex (in my head)! So many variables come in the middle, sometimes it’s impossible to get over those and keep the trail going! Not suggesting anyone anything but I prefer escapism, always!

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  2. Marriage isn’t easy like both you and I know Dwight and sadly doesn’t come with an instruction manual nor does raising children. Huge blunders happen so often the grass looks greener.
    I sooo agree every effort must be made and “Hold me Tight” workshops have turned a lot of couples that I see around for the better and at the end if they need to part, they do it lovingly for all parties concerned. There are other’s of course but they do a great job! Beautiful art and poetry as always.💖

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  3. Firstly, what a lovely painting! Such a beautiful thought. I suppose, divorce is way too common where you live. (More than 50% divorce rate?) People in the comments seem to be very very pro-divorce, which I definitely appreciate. It is a taboo in my country and many others. As someone born in a terribly failed marriage, I know that divorce hurts the child more than the adults, if they have any. I’ve been with my mother’s side of the family from age 2. Here in India, people tend to be very inquisitive and not in a good way. They often ask me about my father, what he does, how much he earns, etc.. This is one reason I always avoid talking to strangers 🙂 And don’t get me started on government documents! So, yes, marriage is sacred and there should be some effort to save it, especially if there’s a child.
    In my mother’s case, however, I’m very happy she did what she did.
    The only kind of marriage that doesn’t NEED to be worked out is an abusive one. 🙂 It hurts me to see marriages falling apart over much more trivial issues, especially when there’s an option to work it out by giving eachother some space and distance.
    Sorry, that was a looong comment 😅


  4. My hubby and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. We really are ‘golden oldies’ now! We have stuck it out through some really difficult times but heyho we are more in love today than ever before! I remember a Pastor, who was really funny and loved by many, once said that marriage is ‘like two selfish pigs living together’! 😀

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    • Ha ha… what a great quote! Congratulations on your anniversary! We are heading to 52 this year. You are right it isn’t always easy to stay together and work things out. Thank you so much for your interesting comment!

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  5. So glad we weathered thru soe tough times and came out winners. Your poem is a sad truth about too many relationships these days. I pray the troubled ones can hang in there in prayer and get the counseling they need to weather thru… in the end, it is so worth it Great poem, {{{Dwight!}}} ❤

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  6. I am a veteran of two very happy eighteen-year marriages. The first ended in an amicable divorce. My second husband died, leaving me to raise our children. I didn’t date for twelve years, until after the children were grown up. I met Robert online when I was 65, and we have been together for seven years.

    Life is too short to stay in a marriage when you no longer want to go in the same direction in life, and the circumstances prevent you from accomplishing your goals. However, I think that even amicable divorces are painful! Even when both parties want to remain friends and cooperate in raising children, lawyers attempt to create an adversarial relationship. In spite of lawyers, I always considered my first husband a member of my family, and we remained on good terms until the day he died.

    Thank you for this insightful, helpful post, Dwight! ❤ I wish your neighbors the best. Whether they decide to stay together or not, I hope they can let go of ill feelings and treat each other with respect. Life is definitely too short for bitterness!


    • Thank you for your heartfelt response. I agree some situations are not resolvable, especially with one chooses to go their own way. I am glad you were able to work through your relationships and come to a place of peace and resolution.


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