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Temperatures here hit 95 F today. It has been in the nineties for the past two weeks. The garden is fried, flowers are wilting, and in the scorching sunshine it is really unbearable. Afternoon sunshine pushed my thermometer to the limit.  All we can do is hibernate inside, hoping for cooler weather when September rolls around.

Temperatures soaring

ninety-five feels one twenty

Summer’s last hot blast

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

75 thoughts on “Hot!!!

  1. It’s pretty much like that every day in my neck of the woods. Fall may drop it to 85. I feel for the people in NOLA, hope they are prepared as they knew it was coming. However they are not always predictable and can change direction. Stay cool and safe, Dwight.

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  2. I hear you! My computer is in the atrium which has no AC (yet! I’m thinking of getting a unit for it) so I’ve been offline today. It’s still 85 in here and just dropping in long enough to read comments and do feed surfing for a few. I took a siesta today and curled up under the air for relief. I can’t imagine what I’m seeing on your thermostat 😦 The only ones who like this heat are the cicadas, who are buzzing like mad outside.

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    • The thermometer reading is in the full afternoon direct sunlight. That would be sort of like a heat index if you were out in in it all the time. I did the same… took a nap and them back to the blog. Have a great weekend Lisa

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  3. Oh that sounds very hot for your part of the country. Staying inside, and writing poetry, where it is cool is smart and creative. AZ hit 21 straight days of temps over 110 and it is looking like day 22 today. A new record. 😞 I mentioned that in my desert-themed post today. Stay cool and safe! It appears August is going to have a blazing departure.

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