Parting the Waves

IMG_6399 (3)

A few years ago I watched a PBS art show about painting waves. I wanted to try it but did not have a big canvas at that time, so I took, four 11 x 14 canvases and attached them together with a board. I painted the picture and then took the board off the back. The individual canvases can be separated a few inches and hung on the wall. It was a different way of painting that tried a few different time. I like the effect very much. I sold it to my neighbors, down the street, who liked it very much as well.

Rolling waves churning

immense power lies beneath

Parting waves calms storm

Painting of Waves: Dwight L. Roth

44 thoughts on “Parting the Waves

  1. I have seen some three section and four section paintings before, but on simpler subjects. Getting the texture of the waves right across multiple boards must be challenging. And the waves look absolutely beautiful Dwight, love that idea.

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  2. Dwight, I know that it is not easy to paint waves. You did it wonderfully. I like the idea of ​​putting four small canvases together to create a larger painting. I like to visit exhibitions and then I saw that several canvases were hung next to each other, so that a large painting in landscape format is created. They each hung a few inches apart.
    I wish you success and fun with your art, Dwight.

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