Bumble Bee Thoughts

IMG_7016 (2)

What does a bumble bee think

buzzing from flower to flower…

Does he know the purpose of his life

any more than you or me?

Driven by survival’s competition

he works from morning till night

collecting pollen // storing away…

Sensing that though it is now summer,

Winter will soon be on the way.

A lesson for all of us to follow…

Working with drive and purpose…

Knowing winter will soon be upon us.

IMG_6916 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

34 thoughts on “Bumble Bee Thoughts

  1. They are very intelligent creatures. The mother winters in my kitchen. In the spring she leaves for the garden, but recognise me and will buzz around me as if saying thank you for your hospitality. She builds a nest inside the flower bed, and as I provide many early flowering, scented bushes, she and her brood are busy pollinating.


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