A Bud of Hope

At the base of each drying leaf

Is a bud full of life and potential

Waiting patiently for summer’s heat

Or winter’s cold to pass

Knowing Spring will bring renewal



Behind all that crushes you

Makes you feel devastated

Hopeless and distraught

Lies a bud of strength and potential

The creator’s promised hope

Waiting for you to recognize

That your spring has arrived

Once more

Photo: Dwighr L. Roth

42 thoughts on “A Bud of Hope

  1. This wonderful poem is so true. You found just the right words to say that it goes on and on. A long and very cold winter will definitely be followed by a blooming spring.
    Yes, Hope is always what we humans need to keep going.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

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  2. So apropos! So encouraging! So welcomed during these times when it seems the world is stuck in a harsh winter and so in need of spring. 🙂
    Wonderful write and photos, Dwight! That beautiful birdie is camouflaged wonderfully! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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