The Silent Voice

In the recesses of the mind

Where reason and conscience lie

Right along side the knowledge of good and evil

There comes a sound // not in words

But a silent voice speaking to me

Not with scream nor shout

But with a still small (silent) voice

Heard above the noise of loud voices

Clamoring for my attention

Heard above the noise of city streets

Roaring trucks and honking taxis

Above social media smart phones

Spewing out trivial pursuits

The silent voice always there…

The other option

Some call it mystical

Others hear nothing

But I hear the silent voice of God

Speaking into my soul…

The voice that says, “I love you my child.”

“No matter what you might do,

I love you!”

“Be all you can be!”

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Reposting this one from 2019

44 thoughts on “The Silent Voice

  1. That voice that has saved us so many times. 🙂 Always good to slow down, be still, pay attention, and listen. He often speaks through nature. It is in the quiet places, the quiet times, the small moments that He speaks to help us, encourage us, give us hope, make us smile, remind us that He is there and He cares. Like the moment you captured in your beautiful photo. He was there with you, Dwight. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. Dwight, “But I hear the silent voice of God” is a highly captivating line. The state of divine relationship is always calm but thoughtfully deep and clear. I appreciate the solemnity inherent in the poetic content and the choice of simple diction and style you employed. Simply great Dwight.

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  3. This is such a beautiful piece, a little tiny voice from God, how comforting and reassuring. There are several layers to your poem, it’s kind of mysticism and spirituality infused with each other. Well done!

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  4. A voice we all know… yet some choose to ignore… sometimes when I hear this voice, without thinking I answer… then for a moment there is a deep silence, and I feel somewhat lost… then this reality continues, as if it never was… but I know… I had heard that silent voice…

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