Aimless Wandering/Wondering

Today I watch a big black ant

wander aimlessly through crags

and valleys of the willow bark.

Energetically he goes up and down

zipping along with great agility…

Nothing much being accomplished

from my point of view.

I wonder what he is thinking

during his mindless wandering.

As I watched, a little white dot

started moving up the crags as well

No bigger than pencil point,

he starts his upward climb…

stopping at times // becoming

a white dot on the tree once more.

And then there is a tiny creature

I had not seen before…

about the size of the chunk of wax

the nurse washed out of my ear,

perfectly camouflaged to match

the tree bark.

He began his upward move

climbing along the lifted grooves

of bark and pausing to explore.

Whatever he is finding is smaller

than my eye can see.

Perhaps little microbial creatures

lodged under the bark…

The perfect meal for a bug

that looked like a Star Wars machine!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

21 thoughts on “Aimless Wandering/Wondering

  1. I developed a third eye working in my garden. the ants climb up the apple tree and down several times a day to milk aphids which is amasing, under every brick you can see a spider or a field mouse or someone else living peacefully, a snail or a slug..
    Thank you.


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  2. This is great! I always wonder what they are thinking, too! They often seem so determined and yet content. I feel blessed to be able to observe nature and learn from it and the creatures. 🙂 I think we are supposed to learn from them…if we stop and pay attention they bring us courage, encouragement, joy, hope and so much more! Right now I’m enjoying two bunnies who decided to make their home in our backyard. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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