Juke Box Memories

Against the wall a Juke Box stood

full of old forty-fives…

spinning for fifty cents a song.

We ate cheap back in the eighties

Pizza Inn buffet for only $5.99

Dimly lit room // a brightly lit buffet

Righteous Brothers singing my favorite

Unchained Melody”

Today is the tenth anniversary of the founding of d’Verse Poets Pub. Brian Miller, co-founder is back with our Quadrille prompt. He has taken us back a few years to the time of the Juke Box and asked us to write our Quadrille (exactly 44 words) using the word Juke! This took me back to the eighties when we took our boys to the local Pizza Inn buffet. In my child hood the songs were a nickle, and then a quarter, and finally fifty cents each or three songs for a dollar. A great memory indeed.

~Photo from ebay~

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78 thoughts on “Juke Box Memories

  1. Yes. I remember the juke box at the Pizza Inn and the cheap buffet. I guess now we have CiCis but no juke box. The pink and blue tabs with song names and artists…making sure you got the letter and number right…cause you dont want to end up with the wrong song…lol. Thanks for taking me back.

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  2. Ah….great song to feature on the juke box here. Remember the buttons….two lines of them…numbers on the bottom and the alphabet on the top. Elvis Presley Hound Dog A-22. Coins in and the arm moved and there it was….blaring out and our feet moving even if they were under the booth as we ate burgers and fries or, at your place, pizza!

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  3. Good memories Dwight. I remember being 11 and staying with my parents and brothers at a camp site where in the café they had a juke box. For some reason I became strongly attached to the song Big big bamboo by the Merrymen. Each time I wheedled a quarter from my dad it went straight into the music machine. The guy behind the counter must have been driven crazy because of this kid howling: Oooooh lalalalalalalalaaaa at least five times a day. 🙂

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  4. It’s fascinating how these things evolve isn’t it? There were still some record-playing jukeboxes around when I was a kid (also in the 80s), then they moved over to CD, now we have digital music files so I guess the poor old jukebox has become obsolete!

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