When My Spirit Rises

This week my childhood friend and his wife lost their middle-age son to cancer. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child. As I share in their sorrow, I wanted to share this poem that I have posted a few times before. It expresses my understanding of what it is like to pass on from this life to the next.

When my spirit rises

Unencumbered and free

No weight or worry accompanies me

Interesting that I value things

When in the end the spirit flies

Leaving them all behind

How much I worry and fret

But this too shall pass when I am gone

My spirit rises out of this shell

A virtual butterfly reborn

From caterpillar to chrysalis

Reborn in the image of God

Spirit Creator Redeemer Savior

Knowing there is no place for the earthly

In the spirit world beyond

I can’t take it with me

But then again… Why would I want to

When my spirit rises

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

63 thoughts on “When My Spirit Rises

  1. That’s a beautiful impression of life after death, reborn in the image of God. I hope your friend finds comfort in these images. ❀ Like you, {{{Dwight}}}, I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. It's the wrong order of things!

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  2. I feel sorry for the parents, it really must be so hard!

    And I really really love this poem so much Dwight! The passing is the stage of being free from all shackles which we start building up in life. Life is beautiful nevertheless so the passing is still a difficult transition but is eventually as true as life itself.

    It’s true we don’t take anything along or would never care to, but we also leave behind our loved ones. A good life is essential to ensure that our loved ones have the solace of good memories to remember us.

    Again, I just loved your beautiful poem πŸ’–

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  3. β€œWhy would I want to when my spirit rises” Wow! Wonderful line. That’s a very heartbreaking story. I hope your friend and his wife are doing better. May God’s blessings be upon them πŸ™

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