Fruit of the Vine (haiku)

Grapes ripen on vines

Turning blue in summer sun

Squirrels may get first taste

My first good harvest

Will I get a taste at all

Other mouths compete

Globes of green sunshine

Pure sweet transformation waits

To see who tastes first

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Clauda at d’Verse, asked us to write a poem about our garden. I wrote this one last week about my grapes and competition with the squirrels for the fruit. I am now getting some sweet blue ones. They are wonderful. Since many of the d’verse group did not see this poem, I thought I would post it for our prompt this evening.

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77 thoughts on “Fruit of the Vine (haiku)

  1. oh that squirrels.. i have to share my red currants with the birds – they love them – but there are def. enough for both… glad the squirrels left you some grapes as well – nicely penned

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  2. Looks delicious and I hope you get to taste them before the squirrels. Did you know that you can make use of those grape leaves during spring when they are still fresh and soft? A Greek woman was picking grape leaves from the lake area and said she was cooking them wrapped with meat and rice. A mediterranean dish I believe- stuffed grape leaves. Have not tried it yet but looks yummy from the google photos. Thanks for sharing.

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