Call Me Superficial

Call Me Superficial

Call me superficial when seeing a picture

Causes words to escape me

When beauty take precedence over substance

And I am drawn by what my eyes behold

Call me superficial when a picture in a story

Catches my attention and sets my mind on the fire

My imagination soars and transports my soul

To realms beyond word or pen

Call me superficial when melody and harmony

Lift my spirit from the very first note

Only to be followed by words

Adding to or taking away my feeling of awe

Call me superficial when the background blurs

Seven layers deep

And the last brush stroke is the first I see

All that work labor and toil

Only to end in an accent of light against dark

Beauty against substance

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

I decided to repost one of my favorite posts from a few years ago. It describes how I feel about life, art, and people. I have heard people say first impressions are so important. For me that is true, especially in blogging. When there are so many bloggers out there hoping to get me to read their posts, presentation is very important. Photos, paintings, titles, designs, and format are what grab me. Call me lazy, but if I have to work too hard to read your blog, I move on to one that takes less effort. That is one reason why I have not left the free WP blogging page. I don’t want you to be distracted with the sidebars and extras. Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

49 thoughts on “Call Me Superficial

  1. I understand why this is one of your favorite posts. Engaging piece. An interesting use of a gorgeous photo to introduce your thoughts about being drawn to and reading (or not) other blogs. I am with you… if I have to click too many times to read content, I check out.

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  2. Your art and your poetry speak for themselves, Dwight! You don’t need extra bells and whistles to captivate your audience.

    I like a lot of fluff on my blogs but try to keep a balance. I feel Eugi’s Milieu is fairly simple and straight forward. However, since I run a prompt on Eugi’s Causerie, I need a theme that functions well. I put a lot of time and work into it and some themes help with the organization.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

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  3. Dwight,
    I could never call you superficial. Besides, a picture’s worth a thousand words, especially that beautiful daydream-inducing painting of yours! The stuff of dreams.


  4. I relate to that level of appreciation about which you write. I relate to that feeling of superficiality, too, but I try to avoid it. I slap myself upside the head when I catch myself being shallow, presenting only an appearance without substance or significance. In all honesty, I bet you do, too!

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    • Thank you Cindy! I do like the superficial, but I also like to dig deep at times! I am amazed at all the post that come through WP I can;t imagine how they can manage them all!


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