Birds and squirrels risk all

for a mouthful of my seeds

Babies coming soon

Fighting over who eats first

All scatter when the trap snaps


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Tricia asked us to write a poem that includes the word risk. Join us at:

72 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Great photo and tanka. I love watching the feeder, it keeps the cats entertained as well. Oh those damn squirrels, I’ve tried everything to keep them out of the feeder, they are smart little buggers.

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  2. I too was shocked by the snap of the trap, thinking it was a cruelty for the birds. Oddly, birds are cousins to rodents, rats with wings, and some squirrels can fly/glide.

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  3. We have found baffles that rebuff even the most determined squirrels …. providing there’s no nearby branch from which to leap! The little devils are entertaining to watch.

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    • They are creative for sure and will figure out a way. The went up my tv antenna pole, onto the roof ,and down the chain hanging on my gutter to get to my sunflower seeds.


  4. for food, water, shelter – for our children – we’d risk the same, don’t you think?

    also – you might like to check out Mark Rober on youtube – he is a former NASA engineer who has filmed a couple of his squirrel obstacle courses. (his whole channel is interesting).

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  6. I love your painting of the bird, {{{Dwight}}}. ❀ You are so talented. Your poem incorporating the idea of risk is a perfect complement to it. The squirrel looks like it got caught in a trap at some point (hair gone from ts back) – but it survived to continue risking!!

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