Rising From the Ashes

As we move back to our new normal, we think of so many who did not survive the pandemic or 2020. Family members and friends were included in the death toll. These blips in time have happened since the beginning of time. The human spirit always rises to meet the challenge. Sadly not all survive, but those of us who do go on, more aware than before of our fragile mortality realizing how quickly life can change.

From death’s dark ashes

Rise to live another day

Mourning those we loved


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

47 thoughts on “Rising From the Ashes

  1. So true.
    So many gone. So sad. But, yes, we must carry on…I know they would want us to do so. We will continue to live good lives to honor their good lives.
    We lost several good friends to Covid19 and have friends who lost family members. 😦
    Your painting is inspiring/hopeful and comforting at the same time, Dwight! We do hope and pray much good rises from the ashes of this past year.

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  2. Inspiring poem Dwight! And the painting of the phoenix is very beautiful.
    The memory of this catastrophic period will be forever etched in the memory of those who survived, along with thoughts of those who didn’t. Life will go on again, as it always has and should, but hopefully with many a lessons learnt.
    The word new normal has been spoken of so much over the period, about how people would learn to be distant, work from anywhere and much more. I just hope the old normal before the pandemic comes back soon.

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  3. Beautiful sentiments… love the Haiku! ❤ Yes, many of us lost loved ones in 2020… not all due to COVID-19, but some due to the isolation the pandemic triggered – and the lack of will to live that the loneliness triggered.

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