Fruit of the vine of a different kind

Encased in green and white rind

Thick cartilage pulp protects the sweetness

Cut through the rind for a sea of sweet goodness

Red pulp encasing seeds of life

Black and white they live without strife

Spit the seeds and savor the pulp

Melts in your mouth with each big gulp

Juices running down both sides of your mouth

Savoring the goodness // it’s summer in the South

For our d’Verse prompt, Kim asked us to write a poem about a fruit, both before and after it is cut. I decided to call watermelon a fruit, full of sweet goodness.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

Photo; Free photos on bing

*Botanically Speaking. Any botanist worth his salt will tell you that watermelons are fruit, and believe it or not, they actually are placed in the “berry” subset of fruit.

*Ask a Gardener. A backyard gardener may classify watermelon as a vegetable based on gardening techniques. …

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