This afternoon I looked out and saw my pot of Geraniums glowing in the sunlight. They were a glorious sight to see. Such beautiful flowers, and with such a foul smell. They thrive in the full sun, if given plenty of water. The deck, with plenty of fresh air, is the perfect spot for them.

Geraniums bloom

Burning red in spring sunshine

Cuttings from last year

63 thoughts on “Cuttings

    • Thank you Elle. I had a couple of stems break off my original pot last summer. I stuck them in a small pot of dirt and put them by my rain barrel so I would remember to water them. The seem to root ok, so I repotted them and kept them inside the garage door over the winter. They got limited light when the door was open, but they survived. Now both pots are in full bloom. :>)

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  1. Gorgeous plant, Dwight! Red is my favorite color. ❀ My mother had a red geranium in front of a bay window all year round when I was a child in Pennsylvania. It was much-admired, and she gave many cuttings away. I, on the other hand, have killed many unfortunate geraniums!

    Have a great week! ❀

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    • Thank you Cheryl. It sounds like your grandma had a green thumb. Plants and cuttings were the way to go before box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Keep trying and you will get them to grow!! :>)

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  2. Wonderful Geraniums Dwight .. I’ve just pruned mine back for winter, and then they will flower again all the way throught, spring,summer, and autumn … with abundant colour … 🌺

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  3. Foul smell? Of the flowers? Or the leaves? We used to go up into the Western Ghats of India to a place called Kodaikanal. Father had a place up in the mountains, so we could spend the summer there, away from the heat of the Plains. The entire household along with the cook, the maid and the gardener would be there. One of the servants showed me the geraniums growing by the roadside. He would ask me to gently rub the leaves and smell my fingers. I loved that smell. It had the essence of lemon and tamarind, and to this day, when i see the geraniums, I am more impressed with the smell of the leaves than the flowers.
    Sorry for being so chatty. Memories just keep hurtling on when you are ten thousand miles away.

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    • A great response! I never grew attached to the smell of geraniums. It is very distinct for sure. Your place in the highlands sounds like a great summer get away!
      Thanks for you interesting comment.

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