Billy Collins ~ Poet

When I read Aimless Love, I was hooked

You write my kind of poetry

Clear, concise, and totally understandable

Images that took me places

Tasting life’s best as I read your words

Your lines never failed to captivate me

And, when I reached the last line

you left me satisfied deep in my soul

You are the poet I would like to become

Photo; Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse were were asked to write a poem tribute to our favorite poet. I chose Billy Collins for the reasons given above. I like poetry that is readable, not a tangle of words that might have five different meanings. His writing style is really wonderful.

You can read his poem Aimless Love here:

Join us at:

69 thoughts on “Billy Collins ~ Poet

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  2. I just went and read “Aimless Love.” It’s a good’n. I’ve seen him read his poems on TV before and have enjoyed the lightness of spirit he has with a great sense of humor. Nice tribute poem to Billy Collins, Dwight.

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  3. Not familiar with this poet…..I am truly showing my ignorance as I read through all these posts and realize I don’t know much! 😦 But you’ve given me an introduction here and I can tell I would like this poet as well. I am all for poetry that is understandable, clear and concise! 🙂

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    • I was introduced to his poetry by a friend. Listen to him on You Tube. He has a wonderful delivery. He was poet laureate in the early 2000s. I think you will enjoy him a lot. Thanks Lillian.


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