Lilacs Still Bloom

One of my mom’s favorite flowers was the sweet smelling lilac that grew near our driveway. I planted this bush to remind me of her. It is hard to imagine that it is fourteen years since she passed away. Her memory is always with me in so many little ways.

Mother’s Day

Memories of Mom linger sweet

Lilacs bloom each Spring

Photo’s Dwight L. Roth

49 thoughts on “Lilacs Still Bloom

  1. Dwight, My Mom would have loved this beautiful poem! She had several lilacs planted in her yard. Nothing else smells so sweet! Except for maybe lily-of-the-valley, or roses, which she also loved! ❤ Happy Mothers Day to your wife. Hope you have a big shindig!

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    • Thanks Cheryl! Lilacs really do have a strong fragrance. We had a picnic in the park today with our son and part of the grandchildren! It was a gorgeous 72 F and blue sky! Take care. Hope you have a great day as well.

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  2. Beautiful! Mothers are always as close as we need them but will still always be missed. I love the idea of planting a plant in memory of some one. Just this morning I found a happy iris blooming which my mother gave me 5 years ago. It’s mother’s day today, here in South Africa, and although I can’t wish her anymore (as she too has passed on) I feel like this plant is like a visit from her. ❤️🌿

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  3. This is beautiful in EVERY way, Dwight!
    Thank you for sharing your mom and her flower with us! We have lilac bushes…when I pass by them on my next walk, and many more walks, I will think of your mom! She live on in everyone who knew her, but especially her children!
    Happy Mother’s Day to the women in your life!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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