Grow Where You are Planted

Maple seeds fly

with the advent of Spring.

Miniature helicopters,

blades spinning in the wind.



like a kite on the breeze;

Only to float to the ground…

the roof… the gutter… or rain barrel

destination unknown…

deposited for growth.

New life begins

Today at d’Verse, Merril gave us seed as our Quadrille (exactly 44 words) Prompt. Every spring the maple trees are the first to open. Their seeds drop in abundance and land everywhere. We called them helicopters, when I was young, and threw them back up in the air to watch them spin around to the ground. Nature has so many ways to keep the growth cycle going. Just about anywhere they land they will put down a root and try to grow. A good example for all of us!

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108 thoughts on “Grow Where You are Planted

  1. At my old place we had maple trees in the back lot and the alley would be filled with the helicopters. There are no maples around this place. Do you have a rainbarrel? I have one and loved it when it was out and working — saves so much water! Need to get it out and set up again.

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  2. I used to spend my childhood collecting them and tossing them far, watching them dance on the wind. What delightful memories, and what splendid language you’ve weaved together to remind me of a long lost recollection. Delightful work.

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  3. I thought they were dead gold fish at first glance.

    One of these days I’ll work on a Quadrille. I just find I get to distracted to concentrate on 44 words. 😉 Getting used to having a hubby around now he’s retired hsd it’s good points though.

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  6. No maples where I grew up, but we did have ‘miniature helicopters, blades spinning in the wind’, which we loved to chase and came from ash trees. Trees give us so much pleasure.

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  7. We had a volunteer maple tree growing just outside a high fence that separates our yard from a multi-story apartment building. I was so excited a few years ago when I noticed its branches appear above the fence top. I kept an eye on it throughout the summers and when it was dry, I’d soak the ground next to the fence and try to shoot water to it through the cracks. Last fall it had attained a height of more than 16 feet so I figured it wouldn’t need as much nurturing this year.

    Two weeks ago, I was back working in the yard and noticed the top of the tree was gone from view. When I peeked through the fence, I couldn’t locate the trunk. I hurried around the row of houses on our street to reach the space right behind my yard. Someone had sawed the tree down at about 3 feet off the ground! I was so disappointed. They hadn’t even dragged it away. It was lying there on the ground.

    I wondered if the person who cut it down was unhappy with the seeds falling on their car. Some people just don’t get it.

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