Stay Grounded and Soar

Vintage paper kite

When I think of March and April, it brings back memories of flying a kite when I was a young boy. The kite came in a long paper sack with the paper kite wrapped around two sticks, one long and one short. On the kite, a string was glued into the overlapping edges with the string showing at the places where the sticks were to attach. The kite was stretched and attached to each stick in the form of a T. It was diamond shaped and at the bottom I always tied a tail made form old rags or strips of cloth. This kept the kite from flipping round and round! With a two hundred foot roll of string tied to the middle of the T, the kite was ready.

I took the kite to the top of the hill on a windy afternoon, and lifted it over my head to catch the wind. It would catch and lift, immediately rising high into the sky. Slowly I let the string out until it reached the end of the roll. By then the kite was soaring high above the field with the tail flapping in the wind.

Truly living is like being a kite

thrown into the wind and carried high;

Yet, always grounded by the string

of moral and ethical values.

Calm winds keep us floating

barely above the horizon;

While the blustery gusts carry us

high above, and sometimes dive us down;

Yet, as long as we are tethered we soar.

When we lose touch with our grounding

We are carried rather than lifted,

and soon headed for a fall.

Photo: from free Bing Photos

Today Mish at d’Verse talked about how the weather in March and April is so fickle, warm one day and snow the next. Her dialogue brought back memories of flying kites as a boy. So this poem comes from a nostalgic spot. Hope you enjoy it.

Join us at d’Verse:

63 thoughts on “Stay Grounded and Soar

  1. Love your story of flying a kite as a young boy and your kite metaphor. 🪁 One of my sweetest vacation memories with my daughter was flying a kite on a beach in San Diego. A one dollar kite was more enjoyable than expensive amusement park tickets (in my opinion). 😊

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  2. My grandad used to make me kites out of newspaper and bits of wood, like the paper kite you describe, and I would paint them, male a tail, and fly them until they ripped. When my daughter was little, I visited a balloon and kite emporium in South London and bought her a wonderful kite with dual control strings – great fun on a windy day – and last year I bought a kite for my grandson. Your post brought back so many memories, Dwight. I can’t wait to visit my daughter and grandson and fly his kite! That’s a wonderful extended metaphor poem.

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  3. Excellent work Dwight! Very well written. And so damned true! I had a paper kite I loved. It was called “The Man In The Moon,” it was red/white/blue and I believe it was from thr same compsny as the one yoj pictured!?

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