Staying Alive

Death reigns on the evening news, as we are shown reports of more police shootings. Marches and protests follow, as blame is passed and opinions are drawn on both sides. It disturbs me greatly to see this happen over and over again. Sadly, it seems to me, no one mentions the one thing that could have prevented many of these deaths from happening.

Tragic death lingers

Daily on the evening news

Trial by media

~ as accusations fly~

Sadly no one speaks

of what could keep them alive



This is my second Puente (bridge poem) for d’Verse Poets Pub. I have connected two senyru poems with a bridge line in the middle.

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60 thoughts on “Staying Alive

  1. Visiting from d’Verse. It’s interesting hearing so many different perspectives, as a non-American on what’s unfolding in your country. I recently read of someone who spoke of the need for listening before speaking. Perhaps that is the first step toward co-operation?

    If there was one thing you would want outsiders like me to know about your local situation, what would it be?

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    • I am sorry we see this so differently Kym. I am not justifying what has been done, nor am i saying racism is not involved. I am only saying from my perspective many could have been avoided and still be alive! That to me is so very sad, and no one speaks to this issue!

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      • It’s all about the dialogue Dwight. Listening, understanding, compassion, empathy and so much more. So many people unfortunately say there is no problem, like a few politicians I heard voice this in the past few days.

        To me there is so much disconnect. While I agree, so many situations could have been avoided, when we are devoid of relationship building and de-escalation, “no change” means “no change” sadly. 😦 Each situation is different, but when all scenarios are treated the same, then the good vs. the bad get bottled into one category. So unfortunate!

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      • I hear what you are saying and agree we need to listen to each other. Sadly we only know what we see on the news and make form our opinions, sometimes wrong, by what we see. For me seeing everything over and over every day makes me shut down. It does not promote the desire for dialogue . As I see the incidents replayed I find myself saying, why are they doing that…. arguing, resisting arrest, refusing to obey commands, refusing to get out of the car, driving at officers, running away, driving at high speeds to avoid arrest! I just don’t understand any of this. And then someone gets shot! And the focus immediately goes to the police shooting instead of what lead up to it. None of this makes sense. It just stirs me up! Maybe you can enlighten me!


      • Dwight, I understand your point and as twisted and confusing as so many things are, we agree on many angles. What really leads people to making decisions that they make, I have no idea. There is no one right answer because every scenario is different.

        Sometimes, what we see may not always be what they really are. We try to be law-abiding citizens, following the rules and unfortunately many innocent people are mistreated horrifically and cameras aren’t around to film the incidents. I cannot explain or enlighten you on the other end of the spectrum, because the rip in the fabric has occurred for decades and centuries even. Now, with that being said, I do not condone criminal activity or resisting arrest when you are clearly in the wrong. Remember, I am married to a Vietnam vet who was mistreated because of his skin color when he returned wounded from the war. I am also married to a former Asst. Police Chief. So our experiences are different due to many injustices we’ve experienced and still to this day experience, but we still strive to be better and not bitter. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Again, I know this does not make sense to you because your makeup is different. You are a loving, decent, and kind human being. You try to play by the rules, as do I and so many others. Often the playing field is extremely uneven and that is another conversation on a whole new day. ☺

        We (those of us who are God-fearing, do the right thing people) get the short end of the stick so many times, and while that’s quite disheartening, many things have changed and gotten better.

        So such conversations and civil discussions can’t be bottled up in one neat package with one solution, but they can happen. Again, as a law-abiding, God-fearing, trying to do the right thing person, I do not condone criminal activity, even when the rich, political, and famous are involved, and I think your readers and mine will agree to that. But we must be clear that while we may see people and treat others with compassion, and empathy, sadly so many are quick to judge with what is seen without knowing all the facts. Such discussions are long overdue, but many side-step the issues that affects all of us in one way or another, and form staunch opinions that only divides us more. 😦

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      • Thank you Kim for your well thought out response. You have stated it very well. I appreciate you taking time to expand my understanding of the situation.
        You are right, there may be many reasons .why people respond the way they do in highly volatile situations. But cooperation seems to me to a place to start, that would prevent a lot of the shootings.
        I am sure I am uninformed about what goes on when the cameras are not rolling, and I acknowledge that many abuses have taken place. Then there are many extended influences that come into play such as drugs, alcohol, gangs, and poverty that we don’t see.
        And you are right, it is hard for those of us who play by the rules, to feel that the rules change in these situations.
        I still have a lot to learn about the dynamics of these situations. Yet some things seem so obvious to me, and yet no one addresses them.
        I do appreciate you kind response my friend. Hopefully together we will continue to grow and learn from each other!

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      • Oh I agree with you Dwight. And trust me, I truly respect your honesty and willingness to even talk about it. Like you mentioned, some things seem so obvious to us (the do’s and don’ts) and can’t understand why such issues are being ignored or swept under the rug.

        If only more brave folks like us would be open to topics of discussion, even though they may feel a bit uncomfortable, we can at least respectfully stop, listen and try to understand, even if we do not agree.

        I truly appreciate your courage to even express your honest sentiments about subjects such as your commentary questioning the “why” based on what we see across all spectrums of the media and everyday conversations! I so love that and thank you my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤ Learn and grow! 🙂

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      • Thank you my friend. We should get together sometime and have a long discussion! I thing both of our views are influenced by what additional experiences we bring to the table.
        I to appreciate the dialogue with you rather than just dismissing me as an ignorant old fool!! :>)

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      • Ignorant old fool…bah humbug Dwight! ☺️ Old… nope….fool…not by a Longshot! You my friend have the courage of a lion! 🦁 I truly appreciate the opportunity and invitation to sit down for an engaging conversation as always! 🤗 Please give my love to my dear sweet Ruth. I have one more COVID vaccine to go. So I hope we can collaborate soon. Cheers my dear friend! 🥂

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  2. 😦 Dwight, “death reigns” in so many forms. Maybe it always did but we just weren’t aware of it? What’s probably saddest is that police officers are so much closer to us than they are to the overlords that install them to keep their power structures in place. Seems I remember reading a line somewhere that says, “what if somebody called a war but nobody showed up?” (paraphrasing) Cooperation is the way, you’re right. If we unify nothing can stop us.

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    • Thank you! It breaks my heart every time I see another news report of the same thing happening again. We have a shooting almost every day here in Charlotte. Now it is children who are getting hit and sometimes killed in the crossfire. Sadly there is no national outcry about this at all it seems. So many are losing their children to gang violence. It is a tragedy for sure.


  3. Two senyru poems? Aren’t those 5-7-5 Haikus? Was the bridge line yours or was it a prompt that you had to use? Whatever the case, this is a powerful poem … and yes, as one of my favorite kindergarten students once told me, “You know what we need, Mrs. Bee? We need a little more cooperation in here!”

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    • The difference between the senyru and the haiku is that the senyru does not have reference to nature while a true haiku always includes a seasonal aspect. When writing about people or things the 5-7-5 is usually a senyru. Yes the bridge line is mine. Thanks for you thoughtful comment and questions.

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      • Thank you for your answer to my questions, {{{Dwight}}} – My day is not wasted now… I have learned not just one, but two new things!! ❤ I need to add "Senyru" to my tags instead of calling it Haiku when it doesn't deal with nature. I didn't know that. Thank you!! ❤


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