Is Your God is too small?

As long as we can keep God confined to an image

or a person, we can control the use of him/her

to conform others to think like we do

~believing we are the only ones~

While others find God’s Spirit all around them

Experiencing love and blessing in all they do

Exchanging religion for real spiritual connection

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Merril introduced us to Puente, bridge building in our poetry. We are to take the first verse and connect it to the third verse by a single bridge line that completed the first verse and leads into the third. This is a first for me, so I am sharing some thoughts running through my head today.

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50 thoughts on “Is Your God is too small?

  1. Nicely done, Dwight–the bridge line works perfectly. I’m not a believer, but I think you’re right. There are people who are spiritual and accepting, and then there are others who try to confine and control with their own image of God.

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  3. This is incredibly deep and profound. There are many people who like to construct the image of God so as to benefit themselves. I am a believer, so the mere idea of others doing it appalls me. That being said, we are also told by cultural norms to respect every religion. To remain neutral, so that peace can prevail. 💝

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    • Thank you Sanaa for your thoughtful response. It seems religion has been used for levers of surpression, manipulation, and even execution in ways, I feel have little or nothing to do with God. That is very sad to me. Remaining nutral would be a wonderful thing for peace. I guess we can always dream.


  4. Ah…the age old dichotomy (or is it?) of religion vs spirituality. I think of native American Indians and their spiritual lore….who is to say they do not have a better understanding of God than those of us within a Protestant, Catholic or Jewish church/temple faith? Well done.

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  5. I really liked this “Exchanging religion for real spiritual connection”. I think that it is possible to remain religious but not hold onto “our own” so much that we lose that spiritual connection or the spiritual connection to be found everywhere.

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