Being Alive

I displace the skittish bluebird from her nesting box on the grape arbor. Today, I put my hands in dirt once more. I once dug my little garden plots all in one day. This year, just days away from 74, I have dug them one small section at a time, a little each day, until I get the dirt turned bottoms up. Today it is ready for planting my seven tomatoes and a few Zinnia seeds.

I love digging in the dirt, feeling the dirt with my fingers, breaking up the clods into workable soil. It is now that I know why I bother each year to keep planting a garden. It is that connection with my farming roots of years gone by that draws me to continue. For, as long as I can feel the soil, watch the plants grow, and eat the fruits of my labor, that I know I am truly alive.

Green tomato plants

Roots in composted soil

Taste of life is sweet

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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67 thoughts on “Being Alive

  1. I can’t eat flowers and foxtail ferns, but it did give me a lot of satisfaction potting them myself, watering them, and watching them grow and bloom. The prepared potting soil did not bother my allergies as I had feared. I can’t dig in the ground anymore.

    It is very satisfying to eat something You have grown. My sister in Virginia has been sending me photos of her tomatoes, herbs, and flowers at every stage. Your grapevine is lovely. Thank you for sharing your wonderful haibun, ā¤ Dwight. May you have an abundance of everything you have planted!

    Happy birthday in advance. I am two years behind you. šŸ™‚

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  3. A wonderful story about your connection to earth and the joy that is found in feeling soil in our hands. It is a gift to eat what you have nurtured from a seed. I did not grow up on a farm, except for visits to farming relatives, but I have always enjoyed gardening. šŸ„•šŸ…

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  4. “Those who grow the garden, grow happiness.” There are no adequate words to describe the taste of the vegetables and fruits that we grow ourselves. As always, you have the knack to describe in a few simple words the most profound, and one of the oldest feelings we humans must have shared from Time Memoriam.


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  5. It is that connection with my farming roots of years gone by that draws me to continue.

    This is sweet, Dwight, and it’s very relatable – many of us have something like that, which connects us to our roots, even if it’s not necessarily farming.

    Your haibun is lovely.


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  6. Wonderful, Dwight! Yes, one of the joys of spring and summer…planting and growing!
    Nothing like homegrown tomatoes and other veggies and fruits! And such a joy to grow flowers, too!
    Bestest wishes for yours to grow in abundance!
    We have a much smaller garden than we used to have…but we still enjoy what we grow.
    (((HUGS))) šŸ™‚
    šŸ… šŸ„¦ šŸ„¬ šŸ„’ šŸ‰ šŸ‡ šŸ“šŸŒ½ šŸ„• šŸ§„ šŸ§… šŸ„”

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  7. Yes, Dwight. The sweet life is growing your own vines and sharing their fruits with family and friends. We miss gardening. I am usually my father’s bean picker, and I will miss my time with him in the garden, picking and hearing his wisdom.

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  8. I identify with your “tilling” your soil in increments. I used to be a multi-tasker, now one task a day is quite sufficient! Early Happy Birthday!

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  9. Yes, gardening, alive, roots, digging up those roots! Sadly, I won’t be doing it this year. I still will have mint, for it requires no tending to. Let the ground rest a while. Okay, maybe tomatoes in a pot! This insatiable need to grow something!!! It keeps me alive.

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