Some Pig!

My Fourth graders enjoyed the story of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. I wanted to tie in Reading with our study of Animals and I thought of a great way to make that happen. Wilbur, being such a lovable pig, was perfect for our project. I wanted to create the part of the story where Mr. Zuckerman took Wilbur to the State Fair, and Charlotte comes along and becomes his promoter.

I used my table saw to rip out some two inch slats from a piece of a poplar tree, which I used to build a crate. Chicken wire was shaped into a pig to put in the crate. In order to have a web I used a piece of plywood to make a high back. This worked well for both the backdrop and the yarn web.

The children loved covering Wilbur with Paper Mache. After putting on several layers, we left the pig dry. I bought a couple of cans of pink spray paint and we covered Wilbur in with a good coat of paint. He turned out to be a very cute pig.

Wilber came alive

Tweaking children’s curious minds

Spider’s web saves him


“Some Pig” // talk of the State Fair

Friendship lessons learned by all

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This week I read Joanna’s (Gabychops) great post on author E.B.White’s Charlotte’s Web and a couple of others. It took me back to my teaching days many years ago. I want to give a shout out to you to check out her wonderful site Nature Tales.

You can read more stories of the hands on learning we did, when I taught elementary school, on Amazon Kindle “Teacher Tales” or email me for a free pdf. copy of my 74 page book.

39 thoughts on “Some Pig!

  1. Dwight, I love this so much! That’s some pig alright! I just watched Charlotte’s Web a few weeks ago. It will always be one of my favorite books. I would have enjoyed working with you. Great creativity and fun for the kids. Bravo! 🐖 “Where’s papa going with that axe?” One of my favorite 1st lines too.

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  2. I just took out Charlotte’s Web to take it to my granddaughters on my next trip. Did you know that Kanasas banned that book in 2006 because of the talking animals? What’s wrong with those people?
    Great project and nice job, Dwight.

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  3. I can still remember reading Charlotte’s Web with my kids. I bet that paper mache pig is one unforgettable memory those kids have of school, thanks to their creative teacher. (Just got my Kindle copy of “Teacher Tales. You have a wonderful anecdotal writing style, Dwight, very inviting and enjoyable.)🐷🕸

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      • You must be a natural storyteller. 😀 Perhaps I’ll give your stream of consciousness technique a try. Many times I feel as if I’m trying to say and organize too much and end up scrapping the whole thing. You’ve given me an idea. 💝


      • Advice to take to heart. I get too ambitious, a lot of whys and wherefores get in the way and I’ve yet to get to the heart of it. Short and concise will be my new mantra.

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      • Ha ha! It works for me. Hope it will work for you as well! When you stop and think how many posts come across word press in a day, we are lucky to get a three to five second glance to catch our eye. The title and first line are most important. I have often started my first paragraph, only to go and move the last sentence to the beginning for better effect. Then tell the story.

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  4. I love this, Dwight! What a fun way to get the kiddos invested in such a great book with great life lessons! 🙂
    ‘Tis one of my all time fave books…I read it, read it to my kids, and read it to kids in my classrooms. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…“It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.”- E.B. White, the last line of Charlotte’s Web.
    Dwight, I am sure many of your family, friends, and students will say the same thing about you!

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    • Thank you so much! This blog is proof of that line! Only time will tell what people think of my work! I am grateful for those who take time to enjoy it while I am still living! :>) Your appreciation is greatly appreciated.

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