It Bothers Me

It Bother’s Me

Something about being right

Stirs righteousness indignation

Even when I am sometimes wrong


It’s that visceral fire that lights

Every time my buttons are pushed


As life’s paradigm shifts

It bothers me when I know I’m right

When no one addresses the real problem


Today at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to write a Quadrille of exactly 44 words using the word Bother!

As I get older, there are a lot of things that bother me, especially when I watch the evening news. It bothers me how things get twisted to fit an agenda, while the heart of the problem gets little or no mention. Perhaps I am getting to old to worry about it. But it still bother’s me greatly!

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

My 12 page children’s book Dreamer is available on a pdf. printable format for anyone who would enjoy a free copy. Just email me your request at This was my spin-off from Lillian’s prompt last Monday!

88 thoughts on “It Bothers Me

  1. Oh what a lovely patch of garden! Now that’s guaranteed to take one’s minds off the “bothers” of this world. Frustrating to see problems being swept under the rug in favor of superficial fixes and political expedience.

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  2. Congrats Dwight, published in a week of inception … now that’s action!

    Love your photo, the contrasts of colour and texture fit well with your poem. Journalists have real power to broadcast the news as it is, so why do they aide the pollies in blurring the actual issue? It’s their opportunity to ensure that we hear it right … no thanks to murdoch and packer 😦

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  3. First, thank you for offering your children’s book. That is so kind of you. You are very talented.
    Next, your poem… it is a bother to be bothered by things that seem solvable, but are never righted. I barely watch the news, for the reasons you mention.

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  4. It bothers me when I know I’m right
    When no one addresses the real problem

    We are sometimes made to be in an awkward situation when others are unreasonable. It is good to give way when it is not material and maintain our sanity!


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  5. Such things bother me as well. My one hope is that I’m simply following in the path that generations upon generations of older people have followed before me and that young people will still accomplish many great things.

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  6. An interesting point of view about the information we get as news -which is in fact designed not to inform but to program the recipient with information – which has been sanitised – so that the nation never suffers – and it’s law makers – can do no wrong. It’s called propaganda – and it imitates Orwell’s 1984.

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    • Seems there are many who feel this way! This is why there is so much division. No one tells the whole story any more.
      I am so glad you enjoyed the Dreamer book Carolyn. It has been a fun one to write. No money needed, Your appreciation is payment enough!

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  7. When I’m right, I’m right and when I’m wrong, well I’m still right. But yeah, it does seem far too many folk have blinkers on at the moment (although are we sure we who point fingers aren’t the ones with the blinkers?). Thanks for the great read

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  11. Dwight, I replied to this the other day, but couldn’t get it to post! I am hoping technical issues are resolved. Just wanted to say that IT BOTHERS ME TOO! Nice that you are making the children’s book available! Kind gesture! ❤ All the best!

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