Mystery Bridge

Do you recognize this bridge? A few years ago while I was working at the Habitat Restore, we got an old wooden desk donated. While cleaning it up for resale, I found the small 3 x 3 black and white photo above in one of the drawers. It appeared to be an old post WWII era photo of a bridge, and on the back it said Savan River Bridge. I was intrigued by the picture and did some research, but came up with nothing with that name.

I though it looked like a bridge that could have been in Paris so I started looking at bridge images on line and found that it is the Ponte Alexander iii bridge. It was named in honor of a Russian Czar. You can read about it at this web site: Pont Alexandre III – Wikipedia

I decided to paint the bridge and this is how it came out: It is 3′ x 4′

Mystery bridge found

in Paris crossing the Seine

Someone’s lost treasure

43 thoughts on “Mystery Bridge

    • Thank you Peter! I am so glad it conveyed that feeling to you! The old photo was such a great find for me. No one else cared about it and it would have gotten thrown into the trash if I had not saved it. I appreciate your kind words.

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  1. The painting and the poem are beautiful of course, the shades you selected for the painting are very interesting.
    Hats off to your curiosity sir, to locate the bridge out of an old photograph you found. And I love your take of this being someone’s lost treasure, it brings in a real feeling of mystery there.
    So river seine was written as river savan? I wonder if that was a mistake or it’s a locally practiced name?

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    • That question really intrigued me! I am guessing the name Savan might have been a colloquial term for Seine. Or it may have been another countries word for it. I started to do the bridge in black and white, but felt it really needed a tinge of color to help set it off. Thank you Deb for your kind comment! The intrigue is interesting!


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